Up close and personal

Whats up fellow Vipers,
I have been playing Viper for a while now and have come to notice that when someone gets in my personal bubble and begins to unleash hell on me I have a difficult time getting away and or changing momentum.

For example, take Akuma/Ken. When they begin to perform block strings/pressure game I run out of options.
TK - can be grabbed out of or swept out of
Back dash - if they decide to jump in the block string they will hit me when my back dash ends.
Ex BK - if they decide to crouch useless.
Super Jump - they keep me locked down with a good normal air to air
normals - get counter hit take more damage.
Ex Sizmo - pray that they strike during the good frames

I hope that we can get a lot of collective thoughts on this subject and shed some light on what the less experienced Viper players can do in these situations. What should we be thinking? What are the correct tools to use at what times?
Thanks everyone,

Lk BK, ex seismo feint - throw (can be option selected tho)

There is no absolute answer. You have to read your opponent and make a correct guess. Welcome to Viper.

It’s Viper. Having no true blue reversal moves is the name of her game.

Thanks for replying,
Great information, So it is really dependent on finding a pattern and or taking a chance.
Care to share any experiences/stories pertaining to this topic?

Stories in here

stickies aren’t just for the uncool anymore my friend. post your fucking shit in here, seriously

I apologize for not posting in a sticky thread, I did not see one over this topic. I have browsed the sticky threads many times and have seen threads on move properties and such but I must have missed the thread pertaining to the weakness of Viper’s reversal game. I also felt that the general questions thread would not suit this question for it can be deeper then a one post answer. But with that being said thanks for your reply, although I believe the key to helping someone is not in ridicule.