UOH Follow-Ups?

Hmm. There have been some sucky posts in this part of the site recently, but I’ll try my best not to make this one suck too much. Simple question for you guys, what good follow up’s are there after a UOH. Munkata does UOH, cr.strong, ducking short xx super, which is pimp, but I find it too difficult to pull off consistently, and I regularly mess up the short ducking into super part. However, apart from that, what else is a good option after a UOH. I can only really think of:

UOH, Super (If in range)
UOH, HP / EX Jet Upper (Works guaranteed if opponent is crouching, otherwise the UOH has to be right in close to hit as a meaty, and I am not 100& sure that it works on all characters)

Other than that I have nothing. Granted, you don’t really need to use the UOH all that often because of the Dart Shot, but it’s good to mix it up as much as possible with Dudley, I find. Can anyone reccomend some safe strings to use use after a UOH?

I just use UOH to mixup. You can tick into UOH --> super or just do it if you know the range as you said.

The meaty shit is risky. I don’t do it. All they have to do is block. Yes, munakata got that Chun with it, but she would have been chipped to death even if she didnt block. She had like 1 pixel after he hit with UOH. That’s not a good reason to meaty off of UOH if they won’t be KO’d by chip, which is most of the time.

Just keep mixing up off UOH, you are looking to conect with either short short super or toward+HK super or c. HK --> combo.

I agree that the meaty is very risky, although if used sparingly it can offer a high reward. What I don’t like about doing the UOH with Dudley though is that immeadiately after doing it, if you go for short, short or dart shot, on many occasions, especially against shotos, they will just interrupt what you are doing with short, short super or cr.mk xx super of their own. Ideally I’d like to be able to UOH and do the cr.lk, cr.mp, cr.hp chain, or something similar, because then even if blocked, you could fake the last hit and throw instead. In the mean time, I find that after I land a UOH, I just block becasue I fear a counter attack. However, it just doesn’t seem very Dudley to me doing this.


couldn’t have said it better!

thing to keep in mind is what your opponent likes to do because there’s hardly anything that’s a 100% gonna work all the time gimmick. certain people react differently to stuff, that’s why we have such a huge variety in what we see Dudleys do, and that’s not just limited to Dudley users, of course. you see Shoto users do different things every so often (even though their objective is all the same).

that said, you can follow a UOH with whatever you please. if you’re talking actual combos, you’ve already listed a few. vs. Hugo and Q, you can do

UOH -> s. roundhouse x EX MGB -> whatever or
UOH -> s. roundhouse x Duck xx super or
UOH -> s. roundhouse x forward Ducking Uppercut xx super

ok. so now it’s down to stuff you can do to mix up with UOH. if your opponent likes to block low and you’ve done a UOH but you’re not in range to link into super, do twds + roundhouse -> super. if you’re not comfy with that, you can throw them after. you can also do a UOH from a far enough range to make it look like it’s gonna hit, but it’ll actually whiff then throw or c. short x 2 -> super. i’ve done that a few times, and it’s cool :tup:.

another thing you can do is to UOH -> SSB when you’ve conditioned your opponent to thinking you like to throw after a UOH. you can also just jump straight up and do an early j. roundhouse -> super or fierce Jet Uppercut if it hits. if not, proceed to more mix ups/pokes. or you can empty jump straight up and throw/SSB when you land.

one thing i like to do is to UOH -> s. roundhouse x whatever Duck i wanna use. if you use roundhouse Ducking, you can attempt to throw after or SSB. if you use forward, you can use c. strong x Duck xx super if they get hit by c. strong or just don’t cancel if they’re blocking which then brings you to a couple more options again 'cuz you have them on the defensive. often times they will try to poke you if you use a Ducking Rush that isn’t called roundhouse. see what they like to poke with. if you think it safe to do so, then parry -> punish. don’t let them run all free with predictability! just get all creative :wgrin:.

now with the meaty UOH, you can also opt to make it seem like they’re gonna get hit but actually make it whiff. again, you have multiple options after that but do keep in mind that you’re gonna wanna train them to think otherwise (as in you’re gonna hit).

  1. whiffed meaty UOH -> c. short x 2 xx super
  2. whiffed meaty UOH -> throw
  3. whiffed meaty UOH -> SSB xx super
  4. whiffed meaty UOH -> EX SSB

nothing absolute, of course, just options for you to consider. so experiment! just don’t be all rigid 'cuz you’re thinking about stuff. you gotta be fluid. know all your options/possibilities so you can adapt/react to whatever they throw at you.


I also just remembered two UOH things I do:

1.) Do it far away from them so it barely hits, then wait to parry whatever they do next.

2.) Do it far away from so it whiffs, then look for their movement and do backswing blow, s. HK buffering EX MGB, whatever.

i do uoh combos all the time. meaty UOH s.rh xx hk ducking xx super too good. also the duck munkata is doing is mk im pretty sure. the best use for UOH with dudley is to go over low moves. plain and simple. knock chun/yun/ken down in the corner. walk outside of wakeup move range while wiffing stuff. uoh over their limb, link into super. ALSO ive done max range uoh, hp dp on crouching makoto. might work on other fat characters too.

Thanks for the feedback everyone, it didn’t occur to me to try some of those things before. It’s too bad that you don’t get useful, intelligent replies like this, in the other sections of these fourms.

Anyhow, I like the whiffed UOH set-ups that Kal-el and Sir Jiggles pointed out. Just tried it a few times on XBL… suprisingly effective. I must rememeber to work that in next time i’m at the arcade. Against shotos I quite often UOH then parry low becasue they often go for cr.mk xx super , and you can make them fear trying that with that little set-up, but yeah I suppose I could do that with a wiffed UOH too for added mind-games.

@Epsilon… yeah meaty UOH means big damage oppurtunities, but I swear that with hk ducking xx super, only like the first four or five hits connect (I use Rocket Uppercut), even if it’s meaty UOH to start the ball rolling. I just go st.RH xx Jet Upper xx SA1, although it does scale the damage of the Super down a lot.

BTW epsilon, in your recent match against FMJ, did you use Dudley?

yeah, i did.


Yeah I just found the thread after searching. 5-1 … nice, keep repping the Dudley man with all your good work. I was confused because of your Ken AV, I thought you might be using him instead. Anyhow, was it recorded?

no it wasnt recorded. yeah it would make alot more sense if I used ken. i just think the av looks good. and dudley doesnt have many good poses imo.

i’ve never done UOH -> fierce/EX Jet before, so today, while i was playing vs. a buddy of mine, i remembered that you guys posted it was possible ('cuz i didn’t know that prior to this thread) and i tried it. man, it’s awesome. just makes Dudley’s UOH all the more deadly. like, damn.

a few months ago, i only attempted early j. roundhouses when i had a super handy. it limited my game because i didn’t know that you had enough hit stun to bust out a fierce/EX Jet after an early j. roundhouse. when YellowS4 told me that it was indeed, possible, it just opened up a whole new can of whoop-ass because i now, i can gain a knockdown after an early j. roundhouse with, or without meter.

so it’s the same with Dudley’s UOH. i’m not limited to just trying to either evade a throw attempt after a UOH, evade/parry/stuff a poke, or whatever else people try to do after UOHs that do not link into anything.

Dudley’s UOH > everyone elses.


so is dud’s uoh the best in the game?? I do notice its easier to link into his super compared to the other characters in the game…

the best UOH’s in the game are those where the character uses anything but their hand to hit the person.

except for hugo. His UOH is terrible.

i think necro has the best UOH. mainly because he can score a knockdown off a meaty one off a SAFE combo. i see sugiyama doing this constnantly.

on that jumping rh subject how early cuz i use the earliest jumping roundhouse like hitting rh on my UP towards my opponent and it still hits there head if their standing, this only works on normal size characters and up(chun sprite) and I know for sure that u can land safely cuz of the hit stun and u can c.shx2 super if they try to throw you… it works… i don’t know if anyone else uses this tactic… but it would be cool if u can still uppercut after u land… this jump in tactic makes dudley’s rush game more dangerous cuz its a fast way to close in on somebody…


i was doing UOHs into Jets again, but i missed vs. Ken. can anyone confirm if the Shotos do/do not get hit by UOH -> fierce/EX Jet?


yeah, Necro’s UOH is also dope. meaty UOH -> back + short x jab hook is bomb.

i’ll hafta toy around with Dud’s UOH a little more.


I have done UOH, low strong into EX jet on a crouching Ken, so it should work on shotos.

I noticed da uoh has a more horizonal hit box compared to other characters I was stuffing some high hitting moves with it…hmmm