Unresponsive Joystick

Before I start, the stick I’m using is a modded SE Madcatz arcade stick.

A while back, I posted that I had a problem with my arcade stick’s joystick. Considering that the whole thing had fallen off of by bed when the whole thing happened, I was told to see if the thing was out of socket, it wasn’t, even after I applied electric tape. As a result, I figured something was wrong with the part, and I got myself a replacement. Unfortunately, that didn’t work as the joystick went dead on me too.

With this in mind, where can I look in the hardware to try to fix this problem. If there’s no luck on that, should I just get myself another one. If so, which should I get?

it’s really unclear what you are trying to describe here… your stick fell off your bed, then you checked if ‘the thing’ was out of socket? And you put electrical tape on it? On what? There are many possible roots for your problem, so you should probably be more specific about your exact problem symptoms, what you’ve done to troubleshoot it already etc, and maybe post some pics.

Is it a 360 stick? if you decide to get a new one and ditch this one, I’d buy the pcb from you and you can make a little cash back on your broken stick. I’m just going to assume it still works- if it doesn’t, i’ll take the loss. PM me if you’re interested

Do certain buttons or directions not work?

Does the console not recognize it at all?

Make sense

Sorry, wasn’t thinking there. I’m not really sure what to call it, but I checked to see if the little “plug” that connects to the joystick was still connected or not, after falling off of the bed. This is what I’m talking about:


The arcade stick is a 360 one with Sanwa parts. The buttons work fine, but the joystick is dead.

That’s called the wiring harness

So you’re saying the wiring harness is plugged in to the stick AND the PCB but, the stick still wont work?

It could also be a loose connection between the connector (for the wiring harness on the joystick pcb) and the pcb itself, or the connection between the harness and controller pcb. If you have/know how to use a multimeter I would say your next step is to do some continuity checks to verify your connections aren’t severed somewhere. I would think if the whole stick isn’t working it would probably be something with power/ground to your joystick pcb, since if it was a directional signal severed then it would just be that direction that wouldn’t work. I could be wrong about that though, I’m not as knowledgeable about stick wiring as some others around here.

What’s the PCB? A lot of this terminology is all Greek to me.

I wouldn’t believe that there is anything wrong with the wiring harness itself. Nothing really to damage there unless you pull on it too hard. However the PCB (printed circuit board) is another story. The wiring harness on your Sanwa JLF series joystick is connected to a PCB (on the JLF called the PCB switch assembly) which in turn has four black micro-switches attached to it. The switches also are not an item that can easily be outright damaged unless a freak of nature occurs and one is smashed. This leaves the PCB itself. Continuity or the electrical flow on the board could have been broken. As you have the stick disassembled this far already, My opinion is to simply replace the PCB with the Sanwa TP-MA Replacement PCB Switch Assembly. Which can be found here: http://www.lizardlick.com/pages/joysticks.shtml.

If all the problem is, is that your’e stick is dropping intputs this could just be a simple problem if you just switched your controller setting. Make sure your controller setting is set on d-pad and not left analog. I had that problem before where I didn’t realize that someone had switched it and my inputs were getting dropped. Because JLFs cant really die if they’re just damaged externally unless you took a sledgehammer to it or something.

maybe hes putting the connector the wrong way

try reversing it

from what he’s saying it sounds like this happened when it dropped, which would be before he ever touched the wiring harness.

lol- I didn’t even think of that! good call & pretty funny if this ends up being what happened :razzy: