Unofficial tournament question

do these tournaments need to be cleared beforehand with the evo staff? is there a cost to host?

there isnt, but dont expect official evo pool play to wait while someone plays in an unofficial tournament, also why does everyone think they are going to be able to grab tvs for unofficial tournies

thats why they have that 6 hour time before play actually begins on friday, right?

i’m planning on a SSBM teams tournament and maybe crews if time allows anyways, and i think that people who come for SSBM won’t be playing much else.

also, can i give out prizes for it? can i demand an entry fee? i’m not planning on making money, though. it’ll all go back to the winners.

you can ask them to pay for entry, but i am positive that you cant do something where you stand to profit without consent and I am positive it would get shutdown. But if everything goes back to the players and you also want to give away prizes I dont think there shouldnt be a problem just 2 things I would like to point out

  1. tv’s are there for casual play and while noone never minds people taking 1-2 for a unofficial side tournament alot of people also want to have unofficial tournaments as well making less tvs available for casual play(not everyone there goes for tourney play alot of people just go for casuals and to hangout)

  2. If the smash tourney is on friday wouldnt it be better to do this on saturday? I mean your saying there is 6 hours before official play on saturday but the big draw smash is notorious for you think you would be able to accomplish that with 1-2 tvs in 6 hours?

the smash tournament is on saturday, and i think that i can get enough people to bring smash devoted setups to have the tournament on friday and maybe do a second crew (4v4) tournament. people can bring their own setups and devote them to whatever they wish, right?

sure, you seem like a man with a plan 4vs4 seems interesting might watch