Unofficial GGXX #Reload 3v3 tournament

This tournament will be held at the console area.

Entry Fee: $9.00 per team

Tournament Rules:
Arcade only characters
No Game Breaking Glitches
No Same Characters

**Tournament Only Characters **

Basically only use of normal characters. Justice and Cliff are banned.

No Game Breaking Glitches
This rule applies to any glitches that stop the game from being playing. Also glitches that offer an unfair advantage such as something like FDC to get 100 hit combo or something. However, stuff like fuzzy guard is acceptable. If there is a conflict about “game breaking” a judge will decide.

No Same Characters
Basically a self explainitory rule. team team will consist of 3 diffrent characters. That means no teams of 3 sols no 2 kys none of that.

Be sure to bring your own sticks and some japanese ps2s and legit copies of reload to make this tournament possible. Thanks alot for all your support.

Chaotic Blue

p.s. please post which team you will be teaming up with so we can get a good head count on what to expect.

Team R.U.N.
ID - Sol
Chaotic Blue - Jam
Combo Fiend - Bridget

Half of the pot will go to the Evolution fund.

gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i felt some heat when i got in this thread :\

my team

team F.A.T.T Food All The Time



JP Salcedo “Shinomori” Sol
JC Gross “Rounin” Testament
Paul Kugler "Kugler"Slayer



to think your sn was A-Sakura i made you god damn it i MADE YOU!!!

half of the pot of 9$ team tourney goes to evo wow thats lame

damn ruin you got the tourney in the bag you got dylan

Now I just need a team :~(


Oh yeah, Forgot to mention that you can have a 1 or 2 person team if you’d like, but its your handicap…

OOOOO 1 or 2 person team eh? Well what if i just paied 9 bucks just for myself so i could pick,chipp,sol,ky team!

Shrug anyway reading this again… hrmm so do you say FDC beacuse you KNOW how to FDC, or just beacuse you assume that it is in it?

I have seen it with characters, however i only know how to do combos with it with sol etc.

Anyway basicly saying beacuse i feel left out if there is bugs i do not know of. T_T

No sir.
It would be a handicapp, japanese style.
If you enter by yourself, you pay 3 bucks, but its just you. You lose once, you’re out.

Team Combo Popsicle


I hate to be a ass, but i gotta nitpick cuz its the way god made me…

Hrmm ya know i was talking to kono and thinking about this bugs…

Like FDC wasnt banned in X so why would it be banned now(or some other glitch/bug). Even if they create infinites(in X) or more so in this game(XX/R) longer combos or different types of combos or something to that exstent. Should it really be banned? I mean a3 infinites arent banned, RC arent banned in CVS2. Hrmm just seems kinda unfair to treat XX diff then other games.(not that i think those shouldnt be banned or anything.)

Whoa whoa, slow down there. You can do whatever you want in the BYOC console room, but this is not an official tournament.

FDC is banned? you dont get to use FDC in GGXX anyway unless you turn on the GG mode.
or you mean FC? I think FC should be allow, otherwise it would be unfair for Faust and Chipp player, especially Faust.

actually I dont think there is anything needs to be banned for #R tournament. Burst cancel? I doubt if it still exist in #R.

Umm acctualy FDC is still in XX and not just those chipp/faust kinda things that people think. There are still combos that use it, guess people just dunno about them yet.

Shrug there are bugs that are only in reload as well, guess you just dunno about em.

guess I dont know #R well enough~

maybe you wanna telll us what kind of FDC will effect gameplay seriously? cuz I really dunno what else besides Faust and Chipp… oh, maybe Robo-Ky?

so far as I know the bugs for #R that really effects on gamplay are not whether you banned or not…cuz it happens in limited situation and it’s out of players control…

or if you know some bugs that are easy to use and really effects on gamplay?

Im pretty sure he just meant no using FDC to the point where it would break the game with infinites and stuff like that. Theres no reason to ban Fausts FDC, by doing so you take away a HUGE chunk of his game, I honestly cant even see myself playing without Fausts FDC, I would probably do it without even thinking about it a bunch of times and get DQed if that were the case haha :lol:

I understand~

just want to find out what the Game Breaking Glitchs are. as you said FDC shouldn’t be a issue since it’s a part of Faust’s play. and so for Robo-Ky and Chipp.

I was trying to say if there is any Glitch they wanna banned, they
should specify at this point so we dont get misunderstand on this Game Breaking Glitch issue. (dont wanna see the game being interrupt because of Eddie’s unblockable, that’s what I mean by misundertand.)

I’m fairly certain next to nobody knows about it, and, you can trust me on this one, it wouldn’t create infinites, not more than the char has already, anyhow.