Unofficial Gamestop SSF4 Tourney - El Cerrito,CA -05/08/10

Time/Location: 05/08/2010
Late Signups/ warmups: 10 AM-1:30 PM
Tournament starts:2 PM
El Cerrito Plaza Gamestop
3050 El Cerrito Plaza
El Cerrito, CA 94530
Prizes: 1st: $45 gift card
2nd:$20 gift card
3rd: free MvC 3 reservation
Platform: Xbox 360( there will be sticks availabe if you can’t bring your own)

Since this time around Gamestop is not sponsoring a tournament for SSF4, I’ve decided to throw one aynway. Also, since last years turnout went horribly bad(over 128 signups, 16 attendants) I’m having two different setups dependent of attendance. If we get 16 or less attendants the tournament will be run in round robin format with a 3 out of 5 grand finals( second place must win 6 of 9, like being in losers during double elim) if we get 32(or close enough) the tournament will be double elim with a single elim qualifier if we get too many people. If you can please signup in person as it would be help greatly since I’m the only one running this thing. Oh yeah, almost forgot. IT’S FREE!

I’ll be there. Anybody ele in the area?

I’ll be there. Do we just walk into the store in person and sign up?

Nice, i might head out to this.

I’ll probably head out to this thing.

Yeah pretty much. There’s a notepad on the counter that you can sign up on.

Yeah pretty much. There’s a notepad on the counter that you can sign up on.

Maybe I can make this

i think i can make this.

do you guys sell sanwa parts?

Aside from wanting one more shot at that Sim player so I could know if he was really better I had a good time, and the round robin idea was a good idea (better idea if hella people didn’t just drop out and leave).

EDIT: If you could get for me that replay from my last match with the ex sumo splash that would be kickass.

Wack sauce…i was supposed to be there but got stuck with no ride

Good times guys, thanks for coming out. I do have the video on my phone, if you don’t mind could I upload it to youtube? that EX-splash was pretty epic. I also have a white xbox 360 controller that does not belong to me, would the owner please give me a PM so we can set something up to give it back to you. Here are the results:

1st. Romon M.
2nd. Kontradiction
3rd. Alan P
4th. Vmichial
5th. Ilink, Grimzoul
6th. Eric L.
7th. Nelson

Too bad we had to DQ 11 people. Maybe next time they’ll stick around.

When u doing another one?

I think the controller belonged too Grimzoul, and as far as the video whenever you get a chance to upload on youtube or wherever I’d appreciate it.

I was talking too a few of the guys that stuck around after and I was talking to them about setting up weeklies in my garage in Richmond. As far as another tournament at Gamestop? Probably not until MvC3.

I would’ve stuck around but I really had to leave. I had something else to take care of. If you can showup to one of Ambigous’ weekly’s we can play again.

Here’s the video of the final match for our tie-breaker.


May not play right away since it’s still processing.