UNOFFICIAL EVO2k5 CvS2 3 on 3 Team Tournament w/ Top Japanese Players

New Update(7/6/05): Paypal Payment page now up! CvS2 Team Tournament Payment

New Update(7/4/05): TOKIDO INTERVIEW!

This tournament won’t just be featured on regular ass TVs, the matches of the final 4 teams will be put up on a projector!

Also, a ton of your favorite top Japanese Players will be in attendance! For more info check the evo2k5 CvS2 Team Tournament website link above. Also coming soon will be an interview with everyone’s favorite turtle (and english speaking) top player, TOKIDO.


The biggest CVS2 team tourney of the entire year! The team tourney will be 3 on 3 gauntlet style, double elimination. Each member of the team gets to choose his/her own ratio/team.

Entry is $6 per person, which makes $18 per complete 3-member team. $2 from each person will be taken out of the pot and donated to the EVO2005 event. Entry must be paid for online through PayPal. This is done so brackets can be seeded and filled way in advance. PayPal refunds can be given out up until a week before the event. If you’re not sure that you can make it, either ask for a refund a week in advance, or don’t sign up. Brackets will then be created/seeded after the refund grace period. The only exception to these payment rules are given to players from outside North America (Europeans, Japanese, etc) since it may be harder for them to commit to the tourney earlier on.

Players can choose to pay individually ($6) or have someone on the team pay for the whole team($18). Afterwards, just send an

email to and include:

  1. First and Last name
  2. Handle (if any)
  3. Location (SRK region and actual city)
  4. Phone number to contact at least one member of the team (this will help get in touch with players when they have to be called out for their matches)

We will most likely cap the tourney at 32 teams since we will not have the time and resources to run anything much bigger in
a single day. Spots for foreign teams will most likely be put on hold so the actual amount of available signups will be somewhere around 24-28 (depending on how many foreign CVS2 players are planning to join).

Pot is winner take all. For a complete 32-team tournament, the winning team will take home $384, and $192 will be donated to
the EVO2005 cause. That’s $128 for each member of the winning team.


EVO2005 in Las Vegas


August 12th 2005. Starting time is 10am.


Find two friends
Sign up and pay online
Check your bracket assignment
Go to EVO2005
Wake up ON TIME
Head to the tourney

For more information, check out the tourney website:

Current Teams:

#1 Mago/Kindebu/Bas PAID Team Name: Simage Club^^
#2 Kim/Combofiend/Buktooth88 PAID Team Name: Team Flying Nasty Ambition
#3 Ricky/Tokido/Nuki PAID Team Name: Juuzero
#4 Takayuki/LTB/otaru64 PAID Team Name: roll super
#5 ucr_jesse/Strider Hiryu/Pigadoken PAID Team Name: Rico
#6 Keith/Leezy/Mystery Player!.. Team Name: ?
#7 vasAZNion13, Dentron, Misterbean97 PAID Team Name: MR. GOD
#8 Kim “asistryu” Soongu (#1 Korean CvS2 player), Ryan “Laugh” Ahn, ? PAID Team Name: ?
#9 Clever, NoiNoiPinoy, Dreamfire PAID Team Name: Team Killen
#10 Tragic,Dj-b13, Justin Wong Team Name: ?
#11 Deus, Potter, Viscant
#12 Renegade, Moose, Popoblo PAID Team Name: Team Appalachian Bourbon Chuggers
#13 Dan, Daigo, Nitto
#14 RF, ?, ?
#15 Smoothcat, Kang, Nestor PAID Team Name: Team Couch

“Not satisfied with his original team’s ability to sit there and do nothing, he has swapped out Sagat for Vega in hopes to make his matches EVEN LONGER.”

Oh boy

Can we do this for ST and 3s as well?

Good shit Buktooth.

sickest webpage ever

let’s start posting teams
so far it’s me, ___, and ___ !

freakishly vietnamazing.

hahahahaha goooddaaamn


Dude Buk, run 3s 3on3…DO IT!!!

hahaha…this is some sick shit
team vietnam - me, buktooth, another vietnamese guy
team rico aka the gods - me, jesse, and nam
team i want hella money - john choi, ricky ortiz, justin wong

yes, for ST!!!

team brown box


watch outttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Just for inquiring minds, in no way is this tournament official, or sanctioned by EVO2K.

ST 3v3! Come on!

st 3v3 would be dope~!!!

The more ST the better!


buk you gotta add to the How:
Become Nestor Corchado
Beast on Japan

hmmm, pending on when this is held along with the #r team tournament, I wouldn’t mind recording a lot of this if it isn’t going to be on the dvd

damn someone should do this for 3s it would be hot 3v3 3s team irc fmj/True_Tech/bacardi

This is going to be fun, at Texas Showdown the 3 on 3 tourney ruled, especially the end when it was Buk and Nestor vs the world i.e. Japan. Can’t wait to see them get scraped again!

p.s. The Japs aren’t as good as everyone says, I took Kindevu down to half a bar on his last character in CvS2 tourney play and I suck. Just block and play carefully and it’s not as hard as it looks…

since im not going to find a good team ill pay for myself 3 times. good shit campbell!

hey are all the cvs2 tourney going to be on the PS2 this year???

Yes they are. So you dont have to use a converter for you precious PS2 pad.