Unofficial DLC character voting poll

I’m curious to know which potential DLC characters have the most fans.
here are pictures to go along with the choices

I think I might have missed one or two, but I think I got the characters most popular so far.
If you are a fan of someone I missed please leave their name(s) in the comments.
Due to poll limitations I could not squeeze in the Triplets.

NOTE: These are all original creations from Alex Ahad and have a chance at becoming DLC, some more than others. This is not intended to actually decide whose going to be DLC or not and will more than likely have zero affect on whose DLC and who isn’t.


Big Band, Le Duc, Panzerfaust:


Annie Of The Stars:

Venus Lovelace:




What, no T.J. MAXIMUM? (I’m pretty sure his name’s supposed to be written like that…)

Only one? Don’t make me choose man! Alright it’s a tie between Leduc, Sabine and Nanocyst in my case so I’ll just blindly click on one and that’s who my vote will got to.

I’m sure Marin, Nanocyst and Sabin weren’t meant to be Skullgirls characters… >_<

You are a terrible person for making me choose between Marin, Annie and Venus. I went with Marin if only to show some support for another universe jump like Panzerfaust had. I really want Annie in the game and she seems like a shoe in for a sequel anyway.

I dunno, nanocyst looks like he’d fit pretty fine in the world. (and ooh, he could totally copy the moves of the male characters. or something)

Though seriously even though it was a hard choice, I had to put my vote down for lovelace, because I just love her design the best (You can’t be stomach parasites and space-time distortions).

Annie of the Stars.

A dozen times over.

I think Nanocyst is a "female, if you look closely it has a curved chest.

And I didn’t include T.J. because I honestly didn’t believe he had a chance at being a DLC character, I didn’t even think anyone wanted him in the game.

I found a pic of Sabine on Alex’s blog under the “Skullgirls” category of a post, Panzerfaust was a Vulcan heel character like Marin but now he’s in Skullgirls so why cant she be?

I’ve never heard of Nanocyst, seems very cool.

For now I think I will vote Marin.

I’m pretty sure he’s from the Skullgirls universe and yeah people like him.


I voted for Big Band. He just is an awesome design and I can’t wait for him to do this: [media=youtube]KHy7DGLTt8g[/media]

Sources plz. Pretty sure the two are just some of Alex’s OCs.

Annie! Annie! Annie!

I don’t have any source, I just vaguely remember him being Skullgirls. I can’t even find any images of him now lol.

Venus looks so perfect for this game

Come on Leduc…daddy needs his shirtless pallete!

…Now I REALLY want Big Band! There are so many interesting character designs, and I just can’t wait to see how the team fleshes them out and implements them. They’ve done an INCREDIBLE job with the characters we’ve seen so far. It’s gonna be grand :smiley: .

Man, are you CRAZY or something?! I love all of Ahad’s characters and don’t want to poop on another people’s favorites… BUT YOU CAN’T GET MORE AWESOME CHARACTER THEN T. J. MAZAFAKIN MAXIMUM!!! >_<
Also Professor Shark. Whaddya know.

no option for cable?