Unlockable Titles Thread

So I completed everyone’s trials and unlocked most of the titles, the only ones I lack are the ones for beating arcade mode on hardest, I hate grinding that out.

I really hope that the guide doesn’t have this info so I can be the first one to post it, if you have any info to add feel free to do so, thank you!

I actually posted it on gamefaqs first so I will link it there to save space unless you guys really want me to just copy and paste it here:


Thanks for the work


(Seriously, good work :slight_smile: )

Good work, lets get some more titles on here? Anybody know the unlock requirements for non character titles? The gold ones seem to be from playing ranked…

thanks for following this up from the Marvel one
lol… I disappeared form that one

Actually, the Gold titles are from beating Arcade mode on Hardest difficulty, regardless of continues. The Blue titles are from beating Arcade on Medium difficulty or greater. So, I just saved myself the trouble and beat Hardest 38 times.

Only Vega has a gold title on the Capcom side. :frowning:

Ok, I’ve got a lot of titles now, i have ALL titles for Ryu and Heihachi (despite bieng my mains Zangief and Marduk), and for what i’ve got, silver titles are just for using a char in any mode, a red title for completing arcade mode (medium to very hard mode), blue titles are for completing trial mode (two blue titles for that), and gold title for completing Arcade on hardest mode.

But my doubt is, if you have to complete Arcade mode for getting the red title, how in the 7 hells do you get Cole’s red tittle? It says “Good or Evil ?” and the guy that i saw wearing the tittle told me that he got it from trials, but the trial titles are the blue ones and you can’t play Arcade mode with Cole (nor the cats), so, does anyone have a clue about how to get this red title?

Edit: Finally got Marduk’s trials, now omw for 'gief ones. hehe

Theres a little misconpection about the red and gold titles. Actually you dont have to finish the arcade mode on 2 difficulties, you only have to finish it on the hardest and you will get both.

Ok, but any hint about Cole’s red title? i keep looking for an answer but i just can’t find how to get it.

I think no one else actually asked, but I took a look at this dude’s prophile and it seems that you need to finish inFAMOUS 2 (i’m not sure if the first counts) to unlock the Cole’s titles, and the same for the cats, but I don’t know where the hell they came from.

I unlocked his red and gold titles just by using him in ranked matches m8. Same with Kuro. When I started SFxT I was using Kuro for the lulz and I got his titles. Last week I tried cole for like 20-30 ranked matches and I got his too.

Finally! thx a lot bud. ñ_ñ

All you need to do to unlock the titles for Cole, Toro and Kuro is use them enough. I set up some versus matches with turbo controllers and got the titles easily. It’s probably about 30 matches.

I also figured out Zangief Trial 19, and thus finished all trials. There are two tricky parts. First you need to connect sMP, sMP, sLP, then you need to wait long enough that the animation of the sLP ends and you take just a slight step forward, then sLK. The timing is really tricky, do it too soon and you can’t get EX-BF, do it too slow and he blocks. Then the last 3 moves are also tricky. Hit him with cLP as low as possible, and wait for him to rise and fall. Hit him with the cMP as low as possible. Then mash sHP and it connects easily. Practice this part first, so that when you get the EX-BF to connect, you know what to do.