Unknown Glitch (Well seems like it)

See the vid below. It seems like unknown is able to catch players tag crashing with her 1+2. If this was a juggle the opponent should not be able to tag crash at all. For example, you are not able to tag crash in a middle of a juggle by any character. So this seems like a little glitch. That she has.


I think it just doesn’t register the last hit as part of the combo, allowing for a tag crash.

Hm… Didn’t see this one coming. The character in that whirlpool is still hurt from the attack and they will not be able to tag in or out until the attack itself is complete. If this does not get patched… I wonder what other sorts of set ups the players might come up with.
Good stuff.

Doesn’t seem that dangerous as presented in the video.

  1. Incoming Michelle just stood there. Unknown is just standing there too. Hmm.

  2. Not sure how often you’ve played Unknown before she was released, but that’s how the move works. You have a small window to get out of it before you get trapped and unable to do anything.

I don’t consider it a glitch, or even something that needs patching… as presented in the above video.

Well I think it does because last time I checked you just can’t Tag crash in a middle of a combo. It’s only at the end of a combo. There have been posts on tz and every where else that says you can’t hit unknown out of it. So if your tag character gets caught basically you are screwed because the other character got caught.

The most obvious explanation would be that it isn’t a combo but just an unblockable setup after knockdown.

Since your character stays on the spot after a tag crash they eat it.

I’m confused. Rule of tag crashing isn’t when a “combo ends” it’s when the player hits the ground. The player hit the ground and the tag crash came in. What am I missing here?