University Pinball SF4 Weekly 7/23 Reults

1st. Dr.Chaos (ken/ryu/akuma)

2nd. Demon Hyo (chun-li/blanka)

3rd. Damian (Bison)

4th. Pete (Zangief/Sagat)

Overall tourney was fun and had some really good matches in it. Grand finals were back n forth and so was winners finals with me and chaos lol too crazy! It was 3-2 in winners finals (chaos) and 3-2 in grand finals (chaos)

Pete’s zangief is mad clutch and has the most godlike lariat ever! Good stuff overall and damian’s bison got those TRICKS!! Next time there will probably be a better turnout but it’s right after evo, so everyone is still settling in. But sf4 season two will definitely pick up.

Yea fun tourney, could’ve had more entrants if we actually used console instead of arcade cab… Owner of UP dropped the ball on this one. Nonetheless, it was amazing that a 16-man bracket finished in <3.5 hours on just one arcade cabinet setup. Efficiency ftw.

GG’s to all whom I played against. Especially Damien for beating me twice, I definitely need more Bison practice… :xeye:

Thats cause black people run things smooth! :smokin:

L. O. L.

Let’s not forget who made the brackets… v^_^

Tournament went extremely well. I had a lot of fun and want to thank everyone for running the tourney anyway.

Gs Dr.
Way to get over your fear of bison.

EVO-powered Chaos is a force yo :wow:

This tourney was fun as hell. I loved being able to watch everyone’s matches. I will get better and got a lot of things from just watching those two cats play Blanka. Wakeup EX Vert Blanka ball for dmg yo!


Best part of the tourney is when lil eric tries to join the tourney late…
Chaos gave him 4 options who to play… I said who you want to lose first round too???
Eric said he wanted to play me and I gave him my word LOL!!!

GG guys just keep on playing and we’ll make Philly the city to play SF!!!

P.S. Gotta find that picture of Vega from EVO who put Chaos in losers!!!

Sry I wasn’t able to come, man had to a shit ton of paper work to take care of.

Gs to winners, I’m going to definitely be there next week.

Oh yeah Brandon tripping over a fake ass trip wire into the marvel cabinet LOL!

LOL!! Iron leg man.

Lmao that was so funny when you said that. Lil eric got the early K.O! Lol get that pic of the vega cosplay guy at evo who played bison… That chaos lost too lol! Make it his personaly avatar!! Lmao!!!

That wawa bum was the worst last nite when me n chaos left out. Spamming… Imma let yall know imma let yall know imma let yall know!!! Lmao

Omg that dude has the fucking iron man suit leg on him I swear. Like who the heck stands like that when they playing the game!!?? Sent me rite into the marvel cabinet for no reason. Gay ass stance that dude was doing.:lame:

was bb ran too? and is it gonna be ran next week?

The floor did a super on brandon. LOL LOL.

lmao!!! :sweat::sweat:

Honestly… no scene for that game in philly, so no1 showed up for it and I doubt there will be a turnout for that game here. It’s a good game though.

d.hyo why no evo?

Hey what’s up BB players.