University of Wisconsin-Madison Fighting Game Club

Hey all,

I will be entering into UW as a freshman this fall, and I’m interested in starting a student organization devoted to fighting games, with fairly frequent casuals/tournaments. If you are currently a student there, or will be one, leave an email (or PM it to me) and I’ll contact you if I manage to start the club.

Or, if you just live in the area and would like to meet up for the aforementioned casuals / tournaments, let me know in this thread.


I admire the drive and such, but there’s already a WI social.

You could do a lot more organizing through that since WI’s player base uses this thread.

I was considering putting it there, but I figured there are just as many students from neighboring states so I’d be best off posting in the general midwest thread.


In hindsight I now realize why my idea was pretty bad ._.
But I play AE and Marvel, although I’m a scrub when it comes to both games. however, I’m eager to play with others and improve my game.
From here on out, I’ll take your advice and post in the WI thread.

Yay, more WI players! Don’t be afraid to post up in the WI thread. Madison seems to be more Marvel, and I can vouch for Milwaukee being more SF, but we play many games. Hope yo see you soon!

Who is the best person in Milwakee in SFAE, 3s, and Tekken 6 BR??? I and going to be visiting soon, and wanted to get in some good games with tournament level players!!

Hi there I am new rock the fighting community and was curious if I could become part of the FGC club you are planning to do I live in the Madison are!