University of Waterloo - Summer 2004

Arite. Who’s here?

not me

Who’s gonna be there in the summer that plays 3S?

Or who wants to learn 3S ??


I think I’m going to pop into Waterloo over May 2-4 weekend if my buddy doesn’t come back to Brampton. Is everyone coming home or are you guys going to be up for games?

I’ll be here. And good thing too, because I really wanna see your time machine.

He’s talking about Victoria day. Is your head still ringing after you lost to Jun’s Ruby Heart, Juggy team? That final headcrush must have really hit you hard.

Bring a helmet next time :smiley:

umm. mike

lol… you should talk mike

after me. who’s worse than a scrub, beat your cable/sent/doom


but still… watchin’ naren’s cable getting ripped by joon’s jug was funny ^^

Ben, teach me dudley in 3S btw. i need help -_-

Ohhh… I’ve never seen anyone type it out like that.

That was pure bullshit… you two losers are distracting me so that I lose half my team, and then he gets a lucky headcrush. And of course everyone has to be watching that one game, but no one sees the 5 other near-perfects.

Where the hell is Clayton? He’s hiding from the Dreamcast backpack of power. After all the shit he talked… he better show up to get owned.

:lol: You know Mike, if you hadn’t explained it to him, I wouldn’t have understood why he made a joke about a time machine. I sat there going “Huh? What’s Nathan talking about?” :lol:

hi homos.
i was in HK. just got back tonite.

they really really suck at marvel there.

3s parrying is so godly in HK but for some reason nobody likes playing each other. there’re 3 machines side by side but everyone just plays the computer and gets an A++ ranking. then the next guy in line goes on the machine and gets an a++ rank. then i go on and get killed by sean… with a d+ rank. yes. friggin awesome. 3s needs assists. ken expansion assist into Makoto’s SAII would be neat.

i’ll be in loo either tomorrow or the day after or possibly sometime this week. i dunno.

Scrap my coming to Waterloo for the time being. I got invited to a cottage party in Tobermore (Jesus that’s going to be a long ride) so I’m going to hit that up instead. BEEEEEER! GIIIIIIRLS!

Are you guys ever going to get CvS2?

gods 2 greatest inventions

My guess is you would have better odds waiting for the second comming than on the Cove getting CvS2

Dealing with High School kids, who litter their computer stations with junk from their numerous chocolate bars, drinks and general Bullshit, sucks. :mad:

is tat the real reasons, or it jsut tat agent smith is getting owned by these high school kids

I had to clean up after the high school kids cuz I work there. Don’t even play CS. Agent Smith just happened to come out of retirement that time to own your ass

watever. how can u owned me if we were in the same team dumbass.

marc u need someone for fall term? i think i need to get a part-time job in the fall term in order to support myself.



Damn…I thought Sauga Thread was the worst, put it this doesn’t seem to have alot of interest. Well I was curious which Arcade does everybody here mainly play at? ShopersWorld? Or City Centre?

Campus Cove.

Interest isn’t lacking - there’s been like 20 hours of Marvel in the last two days. It’s just that MSN owns SRK for free.