University Family Fun Center (Philly) SSF4:AE, MvC3, MK9 - 5/15/11


1 EMP Mugetsu (Won free SJ5 entry)
1 Josh Wong
3 Demon Hyo
4 Felix
5 Chris D
5 EMP Dieminion
7 Sas
7 Boog
9 David
9 Sung Moon
9 Ebbs
13 Vinco
13 Pete68
13 Rondom Heat
13 Henry Cen
17 Steve
17 Billy
17 Jimmy
17 JD
17 Spore
17 Jollies
17 Omega Nitro
17 D-Cint


1 EMP Dieminion (Won free SJ5 entry)
2 Aquasilk
3 K Hunter
4 Chris Hu
5 Demon Hyo
5 Henry Cen
7 Jollies
7 Han
9 Spore
9 OmegaNitro
9 JD
9 Kattermari
13 Pete68
13 Rondom Heat
13 KL Justice
13 GPL
17 Sal V
17 Aim
17 Ninja Zephyr
17 Billy
17 RE Fan
17 Sung Moon
17 David
17 Vince
25 D-Cint
25 John Cole
25 David Cologne


1 K Hunter
2 Tomohawk
3 DaiHuu
4 RE Fan
5 Boog
5 Jimmy
7 Pete68
7 Billy
9 Sal V
9 Demon Hyo (Forfeited)
9 Blaysian

Thanks for all the out of state love everyone. We’ll have the next one set up soon.

Thanks for running this guys.
Having a hard time finding the people i met on Facebook so please hit me up.
My real name is John Hesington.

Thanks for coming refan you and your crew where great.

Thanks to Zack & Big E for organizing, I had a fun time donating to all the pots. It was nice talking with & playing against the NYC players, esp. Aqua, Chris, Henry & Kevin.

yea shoutouts to kattamari and big e. had a ton of fun

also cool to have a word or two with the new yorkers- cen/chris etc.

Thanks for coming everyone it was great having some NYC and nj homies here up hope everyone can make it back on the 29th.

Also I have a spot to set up mk9 now so it will be setup earlier now, Philly stop being scared to play it.

Any vids?

Sorry no videos. I’ll try to get some for next time. Streaming there is almost impossible though due to space.