United States SF4 GFWL IDs

This thread is a continuation of Street Fighter IV PC gamertags thread intended for AMERICANS ONLY

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[GFWL TAG] - [MAIN (max of 3)] - [STATE]




New York


New York

Everywhere Else


Everywhere Else


Just want to say thx and +rep

you didn’t put my name on there o_o

So I have to put my info again lol ok…

TheSynGame RYU NYC

eulo1337 - Balrog (boxer) - Michigan

username: brethurley
region: west
character: bison

if anyone wants to have some player match sessions in the west coast (preferably in the bay area) for some practice just add me to friends and give me a message.

jimbobdwayne - ryu - west

Only had the game a week and looking for practice.

paper add my name…

Since 10-01-2009, 10:30 PM your name has been at the top of the East Coast list. I decided to put you at the top because I like you, however please limit yourself to one post and become a bit more patient, I won’t be updating this everyday.

my bad, for some reason my browser loaded an offline page and I didn’t see the changes.


I live in mexico right now but im very close to San Diego, i just need to drive 1 hour and im there.

DProto SRK
Balrog, Gen

pandabearik dictator cali

GoatHeadX Gouken/Dhalsim Louisiana … add me folks, I need more SRK friends :slight_smile:

now my t5 is completely broken and i havent logged on in a long time but as soon as i get rich lol i’ll buy a TE stick or some thing
Deadlymagno cammy/boxer/sagat or [insert character name]

alainq - Fei Long - California

prot3ntial / Dictator / Louisiana

oh my names up there from cali, but not who i play. Rufus/Blanka

btw paper we’ve had some gg’s.

Fubar420 - Dhalsim/ryu - Florida

Every american I play against is lagfree and I live in sweden. So maybie I should be added to this list to? live thadon2