United States President SRK Vote

Why does this thread keep on getting closed? Doesn’t anyone wanna know what SRK thinks about the election?

Not till you answer the following question

Which of these is the better game

Street Fighter X Tekken


Vanilla Street Fighter 4

According to the SRK polls, Obama is in the lead

I’m voting for Virgil because with lv.3 X Factor he’s broken.

I keep thinking you want me to ~w@tch fr33 football` and grow hug€ p££nus。

Vanilla Street Fighter 4.

Hands down.

Sad, isn’t it?

Blue ball comes slowly.

I thought this was about voting for a president of GD :frowning:

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Creamy peanut butter>>>>>>>>>>>>>chunky.

Almond butter > peanut butter.

Cashew butter > almond butter/quite possibly life itself.

Cashew butter for president.

Let the utopia begin.

Blue ball comes slowly.


You’re a bot.

No true SRKer can resist answering this question.

(My Answer: Vanilla SF4)

I want a president who walks around smelling like gin and failure. At least if we’re going to go down the tubes, we might as well have the political equivalent of one of those Baldwin brothers who isn’t Alec to seal the deal.

Vanilla SF4 was hilarious to play; while SFxT is just hilarious. Wish I could justify buying a copy of Vanilla just to play Mixah.

Killer Instinct 2 or Mortal Kombat 4?

barack obama with 11 votes

Shut up, bot.

SRK isn’t a democracy, RockB murders candidates in their sleep

SRK is voting for ElderGOD, a true American hero.

Oh snap, this shit got real!

Your also one of those people that puts mayonnaise on everything right?

Did early voting yesterday. Wrote in ‘Steve Rogers’ for state rep cuz I’m cool. :smokin: