UniSpektrum-Advanced guide to Iron man Crossups Resets and more

This took a long time to finish and upload! 8 Full days. I hope you all like it. Sorry for the wide border lines. They were supposed to be smaller lol. Yesterday I was very mad because sony vegas failed to save my video for the 4th time so I just edited and edited even more till I came out with something I hope you all will enjoy.
Slight missplace on the C.L hitbox. standing b hitbox stretched a bit because of the video conversion to 1280 720p.
I think Iron man is a good character. People ride the “Iron Man’s bad bandwagon” because no one knows how to use him or barley anyone. I’ve given many signs of great potential in this video.

Music and Images in credits.
Thanks for watching song-Mega Man X command mission: Fight, X!
I will make more videos in the future.
Look for them <3

I think you did a fantastic job with the vid, but I think might need to go into the Iron Man forums. The only thing I recommend is that …you make a part 2(seriously people don’t how to use Iron Man), or try to give people time to read the text. There is a lot of great information in that video of yours…

awesome vid!!! ive been over and over the fact that i dont think ironman is very good… but this vid shows some promise thats for sure… really liked the soft ground resets. most applicable in my eyes. also, great tip on backwards throw, didnt know that.

still dont think hes all that great, but atleast some good potential to play out the box is shown. hopefully more stuff can be found, one of my favorite characters in this game, great looking combos dude!


i rocked ironman from the beginning. Would be great to have notation?

Some excellent stuff in that video my friend. This is DEFINITELY helpful to figure out a basis with Iron Man. You couldn’t have made it at a better time either, I just put Chris down for a whlie to focus more on Iron Man again last week. :slight_smile:


I’ll do some of the notations but only for where people want it

The vid is great but I think there should have been more resets and crossup setups against forward techs and not just neutral/back tech.

Maybe if the fans demand a sequel there will be one :slight_smile:


This vids awesome thanks! How can tell where they’re going to land off of repulsor blast though? I tried to figure it out in training and couldn’t really.

Great video, it has resparked my interest in iron man! I used to use him a lot but i got bored of him cause I didnt have many tools at my disposal for him. I love all the cross ups and resets, very nice stuff :tup: I have a question though, how in the hell do you get the opponent low enough to relaunch? Im mostly talking about that first reset in the vid where you take spencer toward the ground then relaunch land smart bombs dash up jump and back throw into another combo. Please make another video if you have more kick ass stuff to show, I really want to get good with iron man.

Btw Jame Chen gives shoutous to your video during CEO. @1:16:00 They talking about Dante’s hammer until Flash’s Iron Man use the range of his moves to avoid hammer. Than James Chen points out in your video you got to use the range of Iron Man. By the end of this match, James Chen directly refers to you calling out him.

Keep making videos, you’ll never know who is watching them.

that is freaking awesome, I love the marvel family :slight_smile:


just wanted to say you are amazing for this video. I used to play IM all the time in Marvel 2 and what you have found here is beautiful. (especially that loop that can travel to from corner to corner :stuck_out_tongue: )

amazing video i would love notations plzzzzzzzzzz

thx for the great video but what do you do when the majority of people air recover backwards? it’s hard to get most of these resets down

set training mode to recover random n work on versions of them all tbh what I did

you can still do resets after they air recover backwards? i’m finding it very hard to get behind them and do the jump combo’s after you reset them in the air. looks like I’ll have to stick with the reset after the smart bombs