Unfly INF to normal INF setup

ok, I’ve been holding this setup back for a verrry long time for my own sake…but after reading that “spiral/BH/doom/IM don’t give up thread,” I decided to post/share this. apologies, if this setup has already been found before, but I see lots of IM vids of lots of IM players…and it seems like they dont know about this setup.

[unfly mode only] (any air combo ending in up+hp) followed by unlfy mode, up+hp, deactivate, <slight pause>, up+hp, dash FORWARD, up+hp, ----repeat until your low to the ground, deactive flymode, up+hp…normal INF

up+HPs gives enemies quite a long hit-stun, giving you enough time to float down with the enemy to keep the combo going. forward-ADs keeps IM in position to reset and repeat unlfy mode. you can actually get this to work anywhere on the screen, including the very top.

there are exceptions. you only get 3 tries? (forgot how many) to bring the opponent low enough to start IM’s normal inf. the other is, sometimes it can be difficult to keep the combo going while floating down with the opponent (after the pauses, ADs, and up+HPs). add LP’s when you need to keep up. example, after the AD, after unlfy mode. against sent, add LKs if he’s falling to fast. you can also use AD down/fwd instead of forward.

so there it is, an unfly mode setup to IM’s normal inf. i consider it a better option then what’s going around these days, because you can connect a proton cannon…just a lil something to add to IM’s “1-hit kill” reputation.

ps. i’ve also noticed these days, the IM forums are filled with “combo threads, troubles with inf, and setups.” my suggestion, dont waste time trying to comeup with flashy and crazy combos…we already know IM is 1 hit kill. theres about a million setups to hit the inf, and if your having trouble with his inf, just read and practice. there’s an IM thread dedicated to all this. Cerebal A’s IM thread.

instead, try to concentrate on how to actually LAND these hits. how to beat storm/sent/mag/cable teams. how to avoid/punish hail attempts. how to punish mouth lasers and avoid stomps. how to distance IM from rushdown. how to avoid bullets, grenades, and AHVB. how to keep a match in IM’s favor, with chipping and zoning with smartbombs/unibeams/your own assists.

doug funnie writing, new account…

any comments? questions about the setup?

I dont get it. You mean its like…

launch, sj lk, up+hp, fly lk, up+hp, unfly up+hp, dash forward up+hp, fly lk, up+hp, unfly hp, dash forward up+hp, etc, until they’re close enough to unfly hp xx dash forward hp, [land] jump u-f into NJ infinite? O_o

This sounds cool, plz explain =D

:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: care to explain that???or make a vid…i dont get it…i mean i get it the combo but to normal inf???uh i m confused

i think what he’s basically saying is use fly u.hp, unfly, drop a bit, u.hp adf u.hp xx fly etc to slowly lower your opponent down to normal jump height so you can do the regular infinite. sounds like it would work.

how many reps of the unfly inf tho… if theres alot, wouldn’t unfly wear off by then?

sup sorry for the lack of my replies (my cable is messed up) anyways…

amingo got the idea. u only get 3 tries to bring them down to normal inf height, but it still works at the very top of the screen. u also might have to vary the combo a bit.

ex. after fly-mode up+hp, u can dash down to drop lower.

i cant make a vid, but if any1 is willing to put it down for me, id really appreciate it. ill try to help as much as i can if ur having problems getting down.

edit: also try to stay away from lk’s in this setup because it brings the opponent higher. u want them to drop. only use lk if IM is to high above the opponent for lp/hp.

any1 tried this thing out ??? thoughts? comments?

Holy crap, I’ve been trying to figure out something like this. I’m gonna try it out as soon as Blind Date is over.

And you should keep the Doug_Funnie handle. Best show ever.

i tried the inf. it works but is kinda hard to pull off. you sometimes have to change the variations of button presses just to get them in the right position to get them to normal jump infinite height. very cool infinite!

Yes, u MUST have a good understanding of IM’s moves to use this setup. (eg1. up+HP’s range, speed, stun eg2. lk’s bring opponents higher, lp’s make them stay at the same height as IM…etc. KNOW UR IM!) U aslo have to be good w/ controls, the airdashes are very crucial when IM is on top of the screen.

To make this setup a lil easier, if u have an assist available, u can call it out and combo from that (since IM is in fly mode).

But yea, this setup can get pretty techinical, but i think it’s very much worth it considering u can inf>PC>from anywhere on screen (unfly mode needed).