Understanding the Player License

From what I understand this is how it is broken down:

There are four pages, you can search the cards by looking at the leaderboards. (Including seeing your friends)
You can also compare your lists by hitting a button (Y on Xbox, I assume Triangle on the PS3)

Your own card is also viewable by hitting R1 or RB in most menus and then you can set your own three reserve teams(page 3) (Characters, Colors, Assist Type, Order) as well as your Icon (X for Xbox, Square for PS3) and Title (Y for Xbox, Triangle for PS3).

What their name is, title,icon, gamertag
The first reserve team.
The win/loss amount and percentages.
Brief bit of history of recent achievements.
List of the person’s style broken down:

Stability: Win percentage - your stability to maintain a high win ratio, consistently. (Possibly connection consistency, if you lag out or have a decent connection - need comfirmation on this)

Basic Offense: Your simple combos, aerial combos, special moves, hyper combos, simple assist with no combo.

Advanced Offense: Your advance combos, OTG combos, assist combos, wall bounce combos, DHC’s

Basic Defense: How often you defend, block attacks, rolls after being knocked down,

Advance Defense: How often you use advance defensive maneuvers - Advancing Guard, throw techs, assist counters.

Next achievement the player is closest to unlocking (not necessarily worth gamer point or trophies).

What characters used, amount used, percentage used. Ranked in order of amount/percentage. Red for Marvel - Blue for Capcom.

List of reserved character list colors, assist type, and amount used.

Breakdown of listed statistics. Win/loss ratio, amount of wins, perfects, time wins, chip wins, win streak. Broken down between all play and ranked. Lists amount of time played offline/online. Position in leaderboards and points for Ranked.

I looked for this data and was unable to find it via a search for “License.” If there are any notes to add (or any info wrong) let me know. It would be nice for other players who are interested to see this data broken down a bit. If at least for information to view at the leisure.

Have a list of these icons and titles?