Understanding acrade stick play

Hay i recently bought the acrade stick for ssf4 and i was wondering about hand placement for the buttons would it be better if i used just one finger or two to three fingers for my buttons and if someone was willing to beat me into good competion shape i would certanily apperciate that too a loss goes a long way when your trying to improve your game i think :chat:

why would you just use 1 finger? how are you supposed to throw?

Three is the standard. Forefinger, middle finger, and ring finger are easy to place on the 6-button layout, especially if they’re set up like a Japanese cabinet (like most sticks, this just means the first column of two buttons is lower on the face of the stick than the other buttons) and also you need multiple fingers to pull off 3P and 3K inputs, meaning ultras and teleports. Also, I think some people use one finger for it, but most people use two fingers for stuff like throws, FA’s, and taunts (if you’re Dan) which are two button inputs. Three fingers for three buttons in each row.

Use your index ring and pinky. That way you leave a subtle message to your competition.

…I’m joking.

technically he can use his entire index finger and press both buttons at the same time lol

Ultimately what ever works and you feel comfortable with.

These videos of Mago and Tokido are cool since you can see their hands at work


iirc gootecks techs throws that way :looney:

i could never do that shit

I use all my fingers except my pinky.

And I know I’ve actually used that before for some reason.

If you’re new to arcade sticks, read this. (your question was already answered there.)


I use:

Index: LP
Thumb: LK
Middle: MP, MK
Ring: FP, FK
Pinky: 3P, 3K (Stance switching for Gen mid-combo only)