well can he ??? i think i did one but my friend is a noob so i wasnt to sure

so far the only unblockable i know shuma has is his eye ball attack where the eye balls stick on you and you either tag out, dhc out, or counter out.

then the eye balls explode without having to wait for the timer to do it.

it’s in the vid here, http://www.glitchvideos.com/page.php?id=176

click on the Download: the orignal unblockable.

i believe shuma has a unblockable the eye ball one is sweet but he has one that ive been working with for about a couple weeks now i’ve been playing shuma for a long time since like marvel super heroes. and his chaos dimension can grab out of block stun. anywhere on the screen so depending on your setups you can get a free super and the super its self take a ton of life. i do this setup in the corner. lk,mk(launcher) lp,lk,mp,mk,hp. falling down with character u.hp land normal jump lk,u.hp. land as soon as you land command grab(devestation i think its called) as soo nas his done with the grab dash in with c.lp. mp+doom assist(anit air) while there blocking do the chaos dimension super and grab with out of block stun.!!1 THE GREATEST SETUP EVER!!!