Unblockable setups

i dont mean the usual sa2 setups, i mean the ex fireball. are they character specific and in what situations must you execute them? thanks for the help.

There is only one EX fireball unblockable I know of that cannot be escaped by quick standing. After a low Fierce reset into Yagyou in the corner on a character you can cross up in the corner (Dudley, Alex, Necro, Twelve, Hugo, Urien, Akuma), toss an upward EX fireball. Since the opponent was hit by a super before hitting the ground, he can’t roll. Now you can just cross him up with a jumping Forward as he gets up into the EX fireball.

Ghetto EX fireball unblockable: 2-hit launch, toss an EX fireball after recovering from the launch, back up a bit, and jump in with a meaty crossup Forward. They can techroll this easily.

Gouki can’t be cross up in the corner.

Something else thats fun, is if you land a strong, do a EX Nichirin right after, then do a Fwd.Jinchuu Watari right when they get up.

Akuma can be crossed up in the corner, by oro.

Hmmmm… I’ll test that. I could of swore he couldn’t, but if I’m wrong, then my bad (ahead of time)