Unblockable Falchion's

Probably the best thing about T Blade is the Heavy Falchion move (:d::db::l::snkc:), and how you can it with assists to set up unblockable attacks.

Right now I’m using Polymar, who might have the best assist for this since he attacks multiple times, giving me time to get behind the opponent and start attacking with him. I’ve also had some success with this using Ippatsuman since his attack takes a bit longer to come out, and I’m sure other characters can do this too. I’ve used this to combo into any super.

You do this by executing the Falchion, and then immediately calling your partner. Blade will teleport to the other side and your partner will stay on the first side and attack. With the right assists, you can attack both sides at the same time.

The combo I use with Polymar: 214C, P, 5A, 5B, 5C, Launch, forward jump, 5A, 5A, 5B, 5C or Super.

You can pretty much pull this out of nowhere. Start a good combo on the ground, and cancel a move into the Falchion and call on assist. Also, it doesn’t have to be the heavy version of this attack if you don’t need to go the distance. This is also good on wakeups, as you might have guessed.

The only simple counter to this (that I see) is to super jump as soon as you can, once Blade starts spinning his lance.I guess you could also try blocking both sides, but the likelihood of succeeding is pretty low.

So in this thread, we discuss the best setups and partners to use this tactic with. My vote right now is Polymar.

they can use super armor to get out, like Condors C spartan kick, soukis moves, batsus tardy counters, etc.

also, are you sure its unblockable and not just a mixup?..just asking

Your partner will be attacking on the opposite side of the opponent you are. Because you call your assist before you teleport to the other side. Then you attack both sides. Maybe I didn’t make that clear. I’ll put more detail into the OP on executing it.

Sorry, but partner assissts can be blocked any way. Blocking only takes the point character into accord. So if your partner is attacking from behind and you’re attacking from the front, the opponent just needs to hold away from you and they’ll block the partner’s assist.

aaah I see, well thats maybe not an unblockable, cuz some people did similar things in CGoH, but you always had to block the character (not the assist) in order to not get hit by that. I might be wrong, maybe I will test tomorrow

… oh. How come I’ve never heard this before?

I guess you can use Polymar’s assist before the Falchion, so the opponent has to switch sides to block while being kicked. But then it would be much harder to combo after since the first kicks will make the opponent go airborne. But that’s probably the closest I’ll get to my original idea. The goal now is to use the Falchion to create the smallest window possible for the opponent to switch blocking sides. Maybe another assist has the answer I’m looking for.

cuz the forums were dead, but this was pretty much general knowledge

If you use Polymar’s assist while you’re doing your combo string, Polymar may hit the opponent but as soon as the lance from the Falchion hits the opponent it’ll take them away from Polymar just further lengthening the combo. It’s not really a mixup since it’s hit confirmed from the assist.

I assume they’ve been blocking until after the Falchion. This way the opponent is still being hit (and blocking) before blade teleports. This makes the time the opponent has to swtich sides to block smaller, since he can’t switch the moment blade starts the Falchion.

Well that would certainly confuse someone but like changuillo said, all you have to do is block Blade and that’ll block the Falchion, but your strategy is good except you just have to hope people will block the wrong way and get punished. It’s all part of Blade’s mix up game anyways, whether they block it or not, Blade can continue to put pressure on the opponent and hopefully land hit confirm into something.

Actually if they’re in the process of blocking polymar’s kicks, they’d have to switch their block EXACTLY as t-blade switches sides so it’d be pretty hard to do anyway. Not an unblockable, just hard to block.

I just got tvc, but how is this any different from dhalsim sf4 yoga fire teleport? or seth sonic boom - teleport mixups after ultra. You just block in the direction of the main character, it’s not unblockable. lol. I haven’t even tested this, and I guarantee you it’s not unblockable, just cuz of how capcom likes to keep some of the game mechanics consistent.

Ever notice how you can crouch block, then release block during an enemy block string and your character keeps blocking for a brief amount of time, I’m sure they kept the same mixup mechanc from sf4, just block in the direction of the primary character.

if blade is on the right, and hes doing falchion to the left, switch your block up as he moves, there’s a delay. you can also raw ultra with invincibility start up frames or mash an invincible DP. I don’t think u can cancel falchion, except maybe with baroque.

Because I’m awesome no anyways I main Zero/Karas so I have no buisness being here but I just wanted to say.
2C,4C,BBQ,2A,2B,Katzbalger,Wallbounce,Voltekka OR Omnidirectional Super Voltekka OR A launcher. This combo makes me feel sexy!

If you do this during a block string, then mashing A will usually beat it, depending on the timing of your assist.

Also, you’re assuming TvC doesn’t have cross-up protection, where you block cross-ups automatically while you’re in blockstun. I think I saw one of my cross-ups fail tonight because of this, but I didn’t test it so I’m not 100% sure. It should be easy to test with Polimar’s assist, assuming he keeps them in block stun for all of his kicks. If cross-up protection is in, then this cross-up will work only if Polimar hits them *after *Blade teleports, which makes it vulnerable to mashing A.

But regardless of cross-up protection, it’s still very powerful. I find it works well with fireball assists: with the right timing, the fireball will hit them immediately after Blade teleports, causing a cross-up. Then Falchion hits and you get a ground combo (most relaible with 214A, in my experience).


Something big is on the horizon for you guys. I’ve been hard at work on it for months now, so expect it be up and running pretty soon. That’s all for now. Stay posted for updates… :wgrin:

I’ve tried this tactic before. They always block it, regardless of where I am.
So this is flawed.