UMVCi******"Gem Infinite" Bi-Weekly Tourney's in Northern VA

Guys finally Marvel has graced us with its presence yet again! These tourneys will be twice a month and only $10 a head…5 for the venue and 5 for tourney pot.

And it came back to us in the form of Marvel Infinite…these particular cross-over series have given birth to such legends as Jwong/Yipes/Fchamp and countless other top players…

I am opening the gates, flooding the masses with nothing but a chance to come out and CRACK OUT on some Marvel on Saturday, Sept 26th @7pm!!!

If you have monitors or set ups then bring them, but more important than that, bring the will of fire to scrape up and body bag some fools!!

Please keep in mind you might not make a living from winning these tourneys :), but the design is really meant for leveling up hardcore and streaming Marvel Infinite content for our area.

See you all soon and pm for address and for god’s sake leave SFV at home, thanks