UMVC3's influence on SFV

I keep hearing about how its so similar to SFxTK because of the OTG comboing.

But lets look at some mvc3 influences.

The music in the gameplay trailer sounded so much like one of the mvc3 trailers.

Ryus model to me resembles his sleeker mvc3 design. Japanese art style + somewhat americanized comic style. Especially the way the teeth are modeled and shown in mvc3.

In umvc3 Ryu uses a lot of electric attacks.

Im seeing a resemblance to mvc3 just not as crazy. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I hope by release the aesthetic looks more and more like SF5’s own thing.

Ryu uses a lot of electric attacks, clearly a pokemon influence.

It’s more SFxT then UMVC3.

We clearly saw pikachu in mvc3 but not in sfxtk. How is it like sfxtk, besides the otg hit

Ryu is still drawn using Ikeno’s style, right down to the larger hands and feet. It looks nothing like Shinkiro’s style from MvC3.

This shit is straight horrible, the first thing i hope is killed in final version

And i said it as someone really enthusiast about SFV look

It’s an interesting point, but I just don’t see and MVC3 in there. From a character design point with Ryu, he’s like an exaggeration of the already exaggerated style from SFIV/SFxT.

What’s Ryu supposed to weigh again? 180? The big makoto feet, the chest that looks like it’s about to tear his ribcage open and the arm muscles on muscles on muscles are all very SFIV to me. I’d love to see third strike Ryu again, but think he’s too clean-looking for modern fighters.

The stage design had a strong CvS feel for me, reminded me of the indoor/outdoor arcade stage. Also had the stage depth that the 2D, millenial fighters had with loads of stuff to catch your attention, not to mention the CvS stage color palette.

The Chun design really threw me off and she didn’t seem to have aged and battle-hardened like Ryu had. Very third Strike, more MVC3 than the Ryu model. ‘Chun-prime’ would be a fair description.

Way too early to look at the fighting infrastructure, I think the devs just wanted to make sure the fans got to see their favorite specials and supers so they could begin freaking out about it. Mechanically, it could be anywhere right now.

@cestus yes do away with shark teeth ryu

I hope the gameplay is more like SF4 and nothing like mvc3


That was hilarious.

The teethical Def stuck out and the eyes were missing detail lighting was off but. .

Work in progress!!!

They obviously got there idea for SV5 from karate champ, cause theres a guy in a white gi and a guy in a red gi. Just like ken and ryu.

There was an otg in doa. Clearly this is a rip ofd

CVS2 works, but still i hope it plays nothing like mvc3 or the games in that series, its not really street fighter if it does

Hmmmm shark teeth…

Errrm what?

Here’s an idea. Don’t resurrect dead, pointless threads.