UMvC3 Tournament and Stream Commentary Thread

Here are the streams we recommend catching as time permits. If you don’t have a justin/ account, just get one and then select “Follow” on these channels. Many have stream archives, and you can setup email alerts so you get notified when they go live.

East Coast
[]Tea***mSpooky - or - Everything from Big Two weeklies on Wednesday nights to big major tournaments.
[]8WayRun - - East coast weeklies like “The Break”, and lots of other smaller events. You’ll see MarlinPie, MrQuotes, Josh Wong, 10stars, occasionally ChrisG and others here.
]OptionSelect - - Lots of great weeklies from South Florida typically on Mondays and Thursdays. You’ll see players like Flash Metroid, Ryan Hunter, and some of their local competition like Dark Hokage, Mr. Sinister, Green Ace. Ryan also does a weekly show called The Breakdown which is really good.
[]Xanadu - or - Maryland hype! They stream weeklies and get really loud about games. Popular players include DJ Huoshen, Unknown, Meep and SteveH.
]**The House of Crack - - Bum, RayRay, SmoothViper and a ton of other NY players stream here on occasion. Also great stream chat usually. Bum knows all and takes questions from stream monsters. **
[]MiamiFGC - - Many of the same South Florida players who play on OptionSelect’s stream often stream casual sets on this channel.
]FunkyP - - The Atlanta scene. They stream weeklies and monthlies.
West Coast
[]**LevelUp **- - The Run Back on Thursday nights! One of the biggest weeklies. They also do majors. Main players are the So Cal players like Combofiend, Clockwork, Justin Wong occasionally, Richard Nguyen, Fanatiq, KillerKai and more.
]IPlayWinner - - They do weeklies like Starbase late on Wednesday nights and plenty of special events/majors. You’ll see players like Filipino Champ, KBeast, Chrisis, Dacidbro, Honzo Gonzo and others on their weeklies. Lot of these guys post here, so troll them :wink:
[]SRKLive - - The home of TNT, Thursday Night Throwdown. More NorCal action.
]FinestKO - - More San Francisco streaming. They do occasional MVC3 events too like Ramnation, FTX fights and other stuff.
[]The Box Arena - - San Diego streams and events. This is where Viscant and DiosX play/commentate.
]**FGTV **- and - F. Champ, Shady K, Ricky Ortiz and PR Rog are sharing a house and streaming fighting games constantly. They’ve been running “Fraud Free Fridays” lately, which you should definitely check out.
[]Offcast - - Weeklies at University of Cali, Irvine, and they also help with LevelUp events and majors.
]IEBattleGrounds - - This SoCal stream shows casuals and the occasional tournament, mostly the same names and faces you’ll see at Wednesday Night Fights/The Run Back.
[]Seattle Foot Clan - - From the Seattle area streaming weekly tourneys on Tuesdays with casuals on Fridays.
]UnitEightySeven - - From Long Beach, Southern California. Features RoyalFlush, LL.ND, Airtola, and others. Check in on Fridays.
Not the East Coast or West Coast
[]ArcadeUFO - - Austin Texas, weekly ranbats for MVC3, and the occasional special event.
]AmalgameTV - - Stream from Japan that’s often on MVC3.
[]Toronto Top Tiers - - Toronto’s main streaming channel. Get your fill of Canadian hype.
]Armhouse - - The main UK/Europe stream. They stream weekly MVC3 tournaments on Thursdays and archive footage at
[]The Chicago Scene - - Thursday night casuals or tournaments! Midwest action!
]STLBarWarz - - Casual sets and the occasional larger Midwest event from St. Louis. JJJ and Rexxor are players to tune in for.
[]**FGCPros - ** - This is a community hub created by Twitch with a number of great fighting game players in the roster. You can toggle quickly between streams depending on who is live. It’s broader than just Marvel, but you’ll often catch Marvel streams here.
]**Justin Wong - ** - Mr. Marvelous himself. He’s just getting into streaming, but maybe there will be more matches or training sessions streamed in the future.
[]MarlinPie on Live_Oratory - - MarlinPie, Mr. Quotes and Nina stream weekly on Monday nights after Mixup Mondays on Option Select, and often whenever the mood suits them. Usually Marvel casuals or online play.
]MINE - - Mine is another killer from NorCal. He was Top 8 at EVO 2011, and consistently wins or does well in regional tournaments in the area. Stop by to watch killer fundamentals in action. He also host 24/7 Online lobby and tournaments with prizes & give any advices you need to improve on your game plays.
[]Honzogonzo - - Everyone’s favorite keepaway spammer. Honzo streams his online matches and plays regularly at Starbase in North Cali.
]PeacefulJay - - This stream frequently runs a spectator lobby where strong players show up to play.
[*]Fanatiq - - Fanatiq is a big name player on the West Coast and is known for the biggest MVC2 money match of all time. He streams training sessions with another strong player, Knives.
And if you don’t catch anything else, hitting up Big Two, The Run Back, Thursday Night Throwdowns and the OptionSelect weekly archives are a great way to keep up to speed on what’s happening out there.

If you know of any streams you think should be added, just post them or PM me and I’ll update the first post.

The title should say Firstworldproblems or fwp haha

It’s not a tournament stream but I’ve really enjoyed lately. Marlin, other top players, and dat Nina.

Yeah, I definitely want to put together a list of a bunch of players who stream regularly. NerdJosh, Justin Wong, Honzo, F. Champ, etc, everyone’s streaming now.

AFAIK, Armshouse will be streaming UMvC3 tournaments starting this Thursday (which for the UK will mean it will be a pre-release tournament on Thursday). Should be up by 7PM GMT/2PM EST/11AM PST. I’ll be watching it. If Helter and Chrome are on the microphone it will be very fun to watch on account of their totally sane commentary style that in no way makes the game more hype. :china:

if your intrested in watching the longest running marvel 3 house stream you can always check out my channel at :smiley:

There have been people in London with a copy of the game for about a week or so now, so hopefully there will be some new tech on show.

If you see me on the stream, I probably wont even have a ghost rider bnb yet lol.

Midwest, we gotta do better.

It’s sad that Xanbats don’t get any love from the stream monsters. Good players, hype commentary. Tons of shit talking and tons of salt.

Its on around the same time as WNF if Im not mistaken, and WNF has justin wong and combofiend. You can’t really compete with that.

Holy mother of fuck there is much content, and shit today.

I honestly don’t know where to start…

It’s a eastcoast stream (DC, B-More, N.VA) so it doesn’t really compete with WNF, although it does overlap with the start (when WNF starts on time). But still, for a stream to be going weakly for two plus years and not even make it into the OP of this thread is sad. Although if Ski did commentary it would help their views.

Xanbats shit on WNF in pure terms of entertainment. Xanadu has always been one of the mst hype streams to watch, wish they played more GGAC and CVS2 on stream though.

Hmm I coulda sworn they were around the same time, thanks for clearing that up. I guess the lack of any real draws to the stream is what hurts it, I haven’t watched it since like february so I might be wrong in this regard again but do they have anyone running like a crazy team that’ll bring in the viewers? I know thats what really helped 8 on the break, I never watched that stream till marlinpie showed up with the crazy viper. Djhoushen goes there though doesn’t he? So thats someone I guess.

Well Im not trying to turn this into a vs thread aight? I was just stating why I thought it suffered in terms of publicity. WNF has all the big names, so people go there hoping to see like new tech from certain players. I remember when the game first dropped and I was waiting every week for WNF so I could see what crazy stuff justin, floe, clakey, combo had come up with that week.

Honzo’s streaming tonight, looks like online matches -

Also see Ryan Hunter practicing new combos and setups with his new team -

Dorms new tools looking great in Ultimate. The aerial dark spell stuff ryan was showing is too good.

Hes playing around with Chris right now so he’ll probably go through a bunch of different characters.

Lol this. The only stream that I know of in the Midwest is Addmitt from Michigan but that channel is flagged.

That’s the thing, I know there are a ton of players in the midwest. Where yo streams at?

Georgia/Atlanta has streams regularly for locals and monthlies @
Atlanta is East Coast btw @_@

Got it! For some reason I thought of it as ‘south’. Added to the OP regardless :tup:

Channel’s streaming UMVC3 as of the time of this posting: (VS, possibly tournament) (in the lab) (VS, possibly tournament) (online) (VS)