UMvC3 Stream & Commentary Thread v3

Welcome to the new V3 Streams & Commentary thread. We are back for a third season.
Come hang out with the UMVC3 section regulars while we enjoy live streams, as well as discussing community events and news.
Everyone is welcome. I can promise you we ain’t as crazy or weird like the GD section :tup:
Below is a compilation of stream channels where you can find UMVC3 action.
If you would like your stream to be featured on any of the sections below let me know (must contain at least some UMVC3)


Notable Streamers - Here’s a list of streamers from various regions.


Team Sp00ky
East Coast Based. One of the biggest fighting game streams in the world. DON’T TOUCH HIS COMPUTER!

Level Up Live
Based on the West Coast. Alex Valle and his crew bringing you SoCal’s finest. They also cover majors.

Community Effort Orlando
Home of Community Effort Orlando hosted by the man himself Alex Jebailey

Capcom Fighters
Developer Capcom getting involved with the scene through our very own Haunts and Combofiend!

San Diego FGC
Join Viscant, Dios X and everyone from San Diego duking it out.

8 Way Run
East coast weeklies like “The Break”, and lots of other smaller events.

FGTV and
F. Champ, Shady K, Ricky Ortiz and PR Rog are sharing a house and streaming fighting games constantly.

San Francisco streaming. They do occasional MVC3 events too.

**IPlayWinner **
They do weeklies like Starbase late on Wednesday nights and plenty of special events/majors. You’ll see mostly Norcal players.

Toronto Top Tiers
Home of Toryuken and other Canadian Events

IE Battlegrounds
This SoCal stream shows casuals and the occasional tournament, mostly the same names and faces you’ll see at Wednesday Night Fights/The Run Back.

The Atlanta scene. They stream weeklies and monthlies.

The House of Crack
Bum, RayRay, SmoothViper and a ton of other NY players stream here on occasion. Also great stream chat usually. Bum knows all and takes questions from stream monsters.

Maryland hype! They stream weeklies and get really loud about games. Popular players include DJ Huoshen, Unknown, Meep and SteveH.

Home fo the World Championships for fighting games. EVO.

Weekly Tournaments Below you can find links for weekly UMVC3 action.


Next Level Battle Circuit
Wednesday Nights. Weekly Tournament held in New York courtesy of Team Sp00ky

Marvel Mondays
San Diego’s finest duke it out every Monday.

The Runback
Thursday nights. Watch the best of SoCal duke it out on UMVC3 and KOFXIII.

The Break
Tuesday night brawls in New Jersey. Courtesy of Jaxel.

When’s Marvel Wednesdays
Wednesday Nights. Join F. Champ, Shady K, PR Rog, Ricky Ortiz and more.

Friday Night Xanbats
Come join Maryland’s finest on their weekly tournament every Friday night.

VS Scottland
Scotland’s main stream on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Personalities Join your favorite players for training mode sessions and Q&A


FGC Pros
This is a community hub created by Twitch with a number of great fighting game players in the roster. You can toggle quickly between streams depending on who is live. It’s broader than just Marvel, but you’ll often catch Marvel streams here.

Peaceful Jay
Host and streams online lobbys for many different games including UMVC3. You can join in too!

Justin Wong
Mr. Marvelous himself. This is his personal stream.

The king of SWAG is back to streaming!

Honzo Gonzo from Norcal. A fan favorite, and one of Norcals finest.

AGE Fanatiq
Get your codes ready for 15% off at Fanatiq from the west coast.

IGT Unknown
IGT Uknown from Maryland. Top UMVC3 player.

The best Magneto on the east coast. Always with the most recent tech, his stream is always a blast.

IFC Yipes
Mr. IFC Himself. One of most recognized faces in the whole FGC.

Richard Nguyen
Top player from SoCal. OG Dante and a very strong Zero.

Crazy Magneto player from Canada

Favorite Texan during season 2 of this thread. Sick Spencer/IronMan/Doom player

International Streams USA isn’t the only country that can rock UMVC3. Check these out!


Final Roundbats
Ranbats held in Japan. Winner gets a trip to Final Round in Atlanta.

Shadowloo HQ
Held in Australia. Home of Shadowloo Showdown.

GoStun TV
Japanese UMVC3!

Versus MX
Watch Mexico’s finest players such as Frutsy.

Versus Scottland
Scottland’s main stream

Team Sabroso
From Mexico, UMVC3 and KOFXIII

Community Here you can find links for weekly pod casts, and other shows that cover community events and news.


UltraChen TV
Join UltraDavid and James Chen as they cover everything from tutorials, to entertainment law and news.

The Fray
Join Darry and various guests as they discuss community events.

Your Daily cup with Ketis and Skisonic. GO FOR IT MAN! (currently on hiatus)

Rod “Slasher” Breslau and DJ Wheat talking about anything from FGC to eSports.

The Show That Sucks with Honzo Gonzo
Tune in every tuesday night for FGC, UMVC3 and more



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IGTUnkn0wn @ Twitch
RayRay19wun @ Twitch
IFCYipes @ Twitch

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This guy SugarConny or SockerConny just went in with Haggar Chun Li Super Skrull at a Swedish tournament.

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