UMVC3: Special Guest Fighters

Shao Kahn:

Real Name: Shao Kahn
Occupation: Emperor of Outworld
Weapons: Warhammer


Through betrayal and deceit Shao Kahn suceeded to the throne of Outworld. Unsatisfied with his rule over
one realm he sought to conquer the remaining realms including Edenia and Earthrealm. Shao Kahn rules
with and iron fist stained with blood and will use it to take all of what he sees. His reign of terror and destruction
will not cease until he posseses ownership of all the realms with him as their ruler.

Special Moves:

Dark Star: QCF x A - Fires a dark green projectile from his eyes
Dark Spear: QCB x A - Lauches a dark green projectile in the form of a spear
Shadow Charge: DP x A - Charges at opponent with a shoulder tackle
Shadow Strike: DPB (dragon punch backwards) x A - Attacks with a rising knee lift
Emperor’s Law: HCB x A - Attacks with his hammer (L- overhead, M- vertical swing, hard knockdown, H- vertical swing, wallbounce)
Taunt: D,D x A - builds meter during quotes

Light Button: "You will die, mortal!
Medium Button: "I am Shao Kahn!"
Heavy Button: laughs


A) Dark Star (L)
B) Shadow Strike (L)
C) Emperor’s Law (L)

Hyper Combos:

Dark Vision: QCF x AA - Huge beam fires out of his eyes, 40 hits, button mashable up to 80 hits
Dark Assault: QCB x AA - Throws 3 large projectile spears then inpales enemy with the 4th one
Shadow Rage: DPF x AA - Charges at opponent with 3 shoulder tackles, followed by a rising knee lift, ended with a rising shoulder tackle
(Level 3) Emperor’s Dictation: DPB x AA - Swing violent in rotation with hammer, 10 hits causing spinning knockdown.

Character/ Rival Quotes:

Beginning: "Kneel before the Emperor of Outworld"
Ending: “All those who do not bow before me will die.”

Shao Kahn: "Another god of Thunder? You are just as pathetic as Raiden."
Thor: "The All-Father knows of thine tyranny, I, Son of Odin will put it to an end to it."
Shao Kahn (win): "Your death will behold the siege of Asagard and fall of Odin, himself."
Thor (win): “Now Midgard and Edenia will suffer thine terror no more.”

Shao Kahn: "You? A god, don’t make me laugh."
Wesker: "Perhaps I should elaborate."
Shao Kahn (win): "Now you are where you belong, with the worms."
Wesker (win): “Now you understand the power of Uroburos.”

(Dr. Doom):
Shao Kahn: "Witness how I deal with insolent mortals."
Dr. Doom: "Not even an Emperor of Outworld has what it takes to defeat Doom."
Shao Kahn (win): "Behold your superior, the mighty Shao Kahn."
Dr. Doom (win): “Now Outworld will know the Age of Doom!”

Shao Kahn: "I can use one such as yourself…join me."
Nemesis: "GRRRR"
Shao Kahn (win): "I have to say I’m impressed even if you was created by mortals."
Nemesis (win): “UUUAAAAARRRRGH!!”

End Theme #26

Page 1 Description: Shao Kahn sits on his throne in Outworld. He is surrounded by the cosmic energy "This cosmic power is incredible!!

Page 2 Description: Shows his eyes as they glow with the energy. He sees visions of Earth in the middle and other planets surrounding it.
“I shall conquer beyond all the realms until I have the very universe in the palm of my hands! Raiden and his mortals will be powerless!! He releases an evil laugh that many will come to know and fear throughout the galaxy.”


Real Name: Kratos
Occupation: Spartan General
Weapons: Blades of Exile, Claws Of Hades, Nemean Cestus, Nemesis Whip, various sorts of magic


Kratos was prophecied from his birth to bring about the destruction of Olympus. He grew up to be the most ruthless general
in Spartan history. With the aid of Athena, Kratos killed Ares and became the God Of War. Only then to be betrayed by Zeus
himself and stripped of his immortality. For this treachery Kratos vowed to extract vengance upon Zeus and all who dare stand
in his way.

Special Moves: (Note: Kratos’ main weapon is the Blades of Exile, while using these he access to the following moves, however he can switch weapons by various input commands upon such be able to execute their own special moves.)

QCF x A:
Zeus’ Fury (L) - Launches spears of lightning bolts toward opponent
Medusa’s Gaze (M) - A projectile that turns opponent to stone
Posiedon’s Rage (H) - Kratos summons lightning to protect him from enemy attack.

QCB x A:
Typhon’s Bane (L) - Fires magic-induced arrows into the sky
Kronos’ Rage (M) - Releases sparking energy that electrifies opponent
Atlas’ Quake (H) - Causes Kratos to stomp the ground to attack opponent

Weapons: Input commands will arm Kratos with specific weapon

Claws of Hades: QCF x S
Special Move: Soul Summoner - QCF x A: Calls forth the soul of slain enemy (L - Undead Legionnare, M - Cerebus, H - Chimera)

Nemean Cestus: QCB x S
Special Move: Nemean Quake - QCF x A: Pounds the ground causing a shockwave to hit opponent

Nemesis Whip: DP x S
Special Move: Nemesis Fury - QCF x A: Calls forth weaponized magic to torment opponent temporarily

Blade of Olympus: DPB x S
Special Move: Olympian Might - QCF x A: Powerful bolts of energy shoots from the sword.

A) Typhon’s Bane
B) Zeus’ Fury
C) Posideon’s Rage

Assists By Weapons:

  1. Soul Summoner (M) (Claws of Hades)
  2. Nemean Quake (L) (Nemean Cestus)
  3. Nemesis Fury (H attack, Nemesis Whip)
  4. Olympian Might (L) (Blade of Olympus)

Hyper Combos:

Wrath of Posiedon: QCF x AA - Kratos summons a more powerful version of Posiedon’s Rage. Covers more distance as you mash
Rage of Sparta: QCB x AA - Kratos is engulfed with the rage of his Spartan ancestors. All damage of all attacks are increased.
Destruction of Olympus (Level 3): DP x AA - Kratos demonstrated ruthless swordplay that has earned him his reputation. Final strike causes opponent to explode with lightning.

WARNING! WARNING! - Rage of Sparta + X-Factor + any combo ending with Destruction of Olympus = 1,300,000.

Character/Rival Quotes:

Beginning: "There is no force that can stop me!!"
Ending: “Join the sorrows of the Underworld”

Kratos: "Stand aside!! Or join you kind in Hades!!"
Thor: "Perhaps Mjlonir shall cause you to reason."
Kratos (win): "I will have my vengance, even if it means the destruction of Asgard itself."
Thor (win): “Thou speaketh mad, the Zeus I know incapable of such evil.”

Kratos: "I have not the patience for your games, wench."
Morrigan: "Not even for a minute, I promise I’ll make it quick."
Kratos (win): "Enough of your foolishness, begone and never return."
Morrigan (win): “You can’t enjoy life always being a hot-head.”

Kratos: "My rage will the last thing you shall see, before you die."
Akuma: "Show me your Spartan Rage."
Kratos (win): "You know nothing of what it means to face a Spartan."
Akuma (win): “Your power is pathetic.”

(Ghost Rider):
Kratos: "An agent of Hades’ who escaped my wrath."
Ghost Rider: "I’m only an agent of the fate you deserve."
Kratos (win): "Tell Hades he will suffer much worse."
Ghost Rider: “Don’t think that you can kill your family and not expect to deal with me.”

End Theme #25

Page 1 Description: Kratos is at the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base, he’s standing in front of the portal, Nick Fury is inputting the coordinates for Kratos to get back to home. “When the merging collide somehow a portal opened up and snatched you from your own time. With the cosmic energy you took from Galactus we will be able to send you back to your own time.”

Page 2 Description: Kratos is back where he once was before he got pull out of his timeline, on the back of Gaia as she’s climbing Mt. Olympus. “Zeus!! Your son has returned I bring with me the destruction of Olympus!!!”

Optimus Prime

Real Name: Optimus Prime
Occupation: Autobot Leader
Weapons: Heavy plasma rifle firepower, Matrix of Leadership


After the untimely demise of former leader Nova Prime, the sentinel known as Orion Pax was chosen by destiny to succeed to the role of leadership as Optimus Prime. Bestowed upon him was the Matrix of Leadership and with it he leads his fellow Autobots into a never ending war against the malevolent race of robots known as the Decepticons.

Special Moves:

Power Rig Punch-QCF x A: Throws a heavy punch generating a force of powerful energy.
Power Sword- DPF x A: A blade consisting of pure energy comes out of his hands and strikes enemies.
Blast Rifle- AA: Fires blast from gun rifle.
Plasma Shotgun –QCB x A: Fires a large projectile beam that explodes upon impact causing wallbounce.
Transform-D,D x A: (required for all Transformers) Transforms to legendary semi truck.

Hyper Combos/Moves:

Power Rig Combination-QCF x AA: Releases a barrage of Power Rig Punches causing spinning knockdown.
Power Sword Strike-DPF x AA: An Energy Axe comes out of his hand striking a wave of powerful energy.
Optimal Blast Rifle-QCB x AA: During the 3d animation Optimus’ gun transforms to a cannon rifle blasting
enormous energy.
Powermaster Upgrade-DPB x AA: Optimus’ Powermaster component Hi-Q transforms into the engine
fusing himself with Optimus transforming him into his upgrade mode.
Battle Trailer Fire-HCF x AA: (only in Upgrade mode) Optimus summons his trailer to open fire on enemies.
Wisdom of the Ages-HCB x AA: (Level 3, only in Upgrade mode) With the Matrix glowing from his chest
Optimus guns transform into two ultra cannons blasting opponent to the ground. Then transforms into vehicle mode emitting energy from the
Matrix runs over opponent.

Character/Rival Quotes:

Beginning: “Only one will stand.”
Ending: “Freedom is the right of all beings.”

(Captain America):
Optimus Prime: “I have the utmost of respect for you Captain but I need to you stand aside.”
Captian America: “It’s too bad that it has to come to this.”
Optimus Prime (win): “Perhaps we will meet again on more better terms.”
Captian America: “Sorry Optimus but my responsibility for Earth’s protection is just as important as yours.”

Optimus Prime: “It’s time you’ve learned that greed is not the way.”
Tron: “OH…MY…GOD!!”
Optimus Prime (win): “Your talents can be used for the benefit of others.”
Tron: “I can’t wait to take you apart, I’m gonna be swimming in millions.”

Optimus Prime: “One shall stand, one shall fall.”
Megatron: “Why throw away your life so recklessly?”
Optimus Prime (win): “This quest for power ends NOW MEGATRON!”
Megatron (win): “I would of waited an eternity for this…IT’S OVER PRIME.”

Galactus: “If it was not for it’s barren existence Cybertron would be next.”
Optimus Prime: “I will fight for Earth just as vigilant as I would fight for Cybertron.”

Ending Theme #25

Page 1 Description: Optimus is seen kneeling down to shake the hand of Nick Fury

Optimus Prime: “I thank you Director Fury, without your help we wouldn’t able stop the Decepticons form taking the cosmic energy from Galactus. We are in your debt.”

Nick Fury: “The same goes here without the help from you and the Autobots we would of never gotten the edge on Megatron.”

Page 2 Description: Optimus transforms into his vehicle form along with the rest of the Autobots.

Optimus Prime: “We now return to Cybertron, your valor will not be forgotten…AUTOBOTS! TRANSFORM


Real Name: Victor Sagat
Occupation: Legendary Muay Thai fighter
Weapons: None


Sagat’s status as Muay Thai champion has made him legendary throughout all of Thailand. He engaged in an intense fight with the wander known as Ryu in which he lost. Bearing the scar on his chest reminding him of his only defeat Sagat trains vigilantly in order to one day meet Ryu in a rematch and claim his revenge.

Special Moves:

Tiger Shot: QCF x A
Tiger Shot (Low): QCB x A
Tiger Knee: DPB x A
Tiger Uppercut: DPF x A
Roundhouse Spin Kick: F x A
Shin Kick: B x A

Hyper Combos/Moves:

Tiger Raid: DPF x AA
Tiger Cannon: QCB x AA (high), QCB x AS (low)
Tiger Genocide (level 3): QCF x AA


Tiger Shot
Tiger Uppercut
Tiger Knee

Character Rivals/Quotes:

Beginning: “Now you face the Emperor of Muay Thai”
Ending: “They call me a king for a reason.”

Sagat: “Copying my moves won’t be as simple as you think.”
Taskmaster: “I could use your moveset.”
Sagat (win): “It takes years of dedication to reach my skill.”
Taskmaster (win): “With your moves I can definitely up my bid in the market.”

(Super Skrull):
Sagat: “And what are you supposed to be?”
Super Skrull: “I’ll show you a real fighter.”
Sagat: “Go back to you home planet and tell them on how you lost to a king.”
Super Skrull: “You call yourself a king but you rule nothing.”

(Geese Howard):
Sagat: “You again!?”
Geese: “I’ll end this quickly.”
Sagat (win): “Insufferable pest, leave my sight and never return.”
Geese (win): “Now it’s settled on who’s the best.”

Sagat: “We finally meet at last, Ryu.”
Ryu: “Let’s see how far you’ve come.”
Sagat (win): “An excellent fight Ryu, thank you.”
Ryu (win): “You fought well Sagat, I almost lost this one.”

Ending Theme #25

Page 1 Description: Sagat is standing of one of the mountain of Thailand where Captain America, Ken and Ryu is standing behind him.

Captain America: “I thought you were the type that didn’t crave for power.”

Page 2 Description: The people of the village are rejoicing over the abundant harvest of food and clothing.

Sagat: “No Captain, but my people look up to me, how can I call myself a king and not take care of those who stand behind me?”

Ryu: “So that’s why you took on Galactus all by yourself.”
Captain America: “And used to cosmic energy to give back to your people. You have my respect, Sagat.”
Ken: “You’re okay in my book.”

Real Name: Carmilla
Occupation: Dark Lord of the Vampires
Weapons: Vampire magic


Carmilla was once known as member of the Order of Light, a trio of warriors that fought in the name of GOD. Well known for her kind heart and selfless deeds she was proven worthy to transition into Heaven. In her absence she left behind a dark and sinister form of herself. This evil version has ascended to rule as the Dark Lord of all vampires.

Special Moves:

Dark Lightning – QCF x A: Lightning bolts are blasted from her hand. Can be performed in air.
Darkness From Above – QCB x A: Lighting strikes down from the sky. Same pattern as Dormammu’s
Shadow Mist – DPF x S: Carmilla warps by her opponents through a dark mist.
Taste of Bad Blood – DPB x A: Deflects all projectiles and attacks causing hark knockdown.
“Feed, My Children” – HCB x A: Summon vampire sentries to bite opponent.
Into The Night – DPF x A: Releases a horde of bats. L (downward), M (horizontal), H (upward)
Flight – QCB x A: Carmilla goes into flight mode.

Hyper Combos/Moves:

Darkness Falls – QCF x AA: Lightning strikes from her hands. 40 hits, mashable to 60.
Dark Rain – QCB x AA: Lightning strikes from the sky. 25 hits causing hard knockdown.
Sphere of Blood – DPB x AA: A ball of energy surrounds Carmilla for a short period of time
giving her 8 hits of armor. Also she can perform same moves.
She is able to move around also having a specific moveset……

	Vampire Rush – F, F x A:  Carmilla dashes toward opponent causing a vertical spinning
                         Vampire Rush (from the air) – UCF x A:  Similar to air tiger knee, Carmilla does an
                                                                                      Vampire Rush down towards opponent.

Final Form – DPF x AA: Turns into monster form. Able to perform all moves.
Tears of A Dark Lord – DPF x AA (only in Final Form): Sends down a shockwave of power.
Causes spinning knockdown.
Screams of the Night (level 3, in Final Form only) – QCF x AA: Carmilla releases a beam of power
causing serious damage.


Dark Lightning
Darkness from Above (L)
Into The Night (L)

Character Rivals/Quotes:

Beginning: “Watch the power of a Dark Lord”
Ending: “Poor deluded fool.”

(Captain America):
Carmilla: “I can take you to places you’ve never been.”
Captain America: “Surrender is your only option.”
Carmilla (win): “Come, my dear Captain indulge in the desires you’ve hidden for so long.”
Captain America (win): “Sorry, but the women I prefer got to have some dignity.”

(Dr. Strange):
Carmilla: “Your powers are but dust compared to mine.”
Dr. Strange: “Carmilla, but this is impossible!”
Carmilla (win): “I find your arrogance to be insolence to me.”
Dr. Strange (win): “You will never consume the cosmic power, NEVER!”

Carmilla: “You are so young to die so horribly.”
Dante: “Whoa, major cougar alert.”
Carmilla (win): “I find your boyish charm entertaining but your powers are pathetic.”
Dante (win): “Looks like you couldn’t keep up with this youngbuck.”

Carmilla: “This is where you bow.”
Morrigan: “Let’s see who’s the real vampire.”
Carmilla (win): “Now suffer for the mockery you are.”
Morrigan (win): “Like you really could hang with the Queen V.”

Ending Theme #26:

Page 1 Description: Carmilla sits on her throne with her vampire warriors bowing before her. Garbiel
is on his knees next to her with a possessed look on his face as she pets him like a

Carmilla: “This cosmic power is sooo invigorating. I never knew mortals can possess such power
and to think that my place was at Gabriel’s side.”

Page 2 Description: The view now widens out and all Marvel and Capcom characters are bowing
before her as they are in their pre-vampiric forms.

Carmilla:  “I find it more pleasurable to have this all of this galaxy on its knees before me….
                              as Dark Lord of all..don’t you agree, Gabriel?”


Real Name: Persephone
Occupation: Queen of The Underworld
Weapons: None


Persephone, a daughter of Zeus was abducted by Hades and was forced to become his wife. She was crowned as Queen of the Underworld tasked to cast judgment on condemned souls. When the opportunity presented itself Persephone freed the Titan Atlas from his prison, kidnap Helios and utilize his power to destroy the world as revenge from being betrayed by the gods.

Special Moves:

Raise the Dead: F x A – By stomping the ground she elevates a huge chunk of it to kick across to her enemies.
Wrath of the Underworld: QCF x A – Blasts a dark green, black projectile.
Summon of the Dead: QCB x A – Shoots energy from the ground (similar to Dormammu Purification)
Swift Judgment: DPF x A – Black wings grows from her back as she flies toward opponent.
(L- Short range, M- half screen, H-Full screen)

Hyper Combos:

Underworld Chaos: QCF x AA – Releases enormous ball of dark energy 40 hits, mashable up to 55
The Dead Has Risen: QCB x AA- Unleashes a shockwave of dark magic from the ground, 7 hits
Warrior Queen of the Underworld: DPF x AA – Persephone transforms to her warrior mode, geared with armor.
Hatred of All: HCF x AA – Releases a huge beam 40 hits, mashable to 50 (only in Warrior Queen Form)
Eternal Slumber: HCB x AA – Embraces opponent, drains their energy which is followed by Atlas’ fist
smashing them into the ground.

Raise the Dead
Wrath of the Underworld (L)
Swift Judgment (L)

Character Rivals/Quotes:

Beginning: “You have caused your own ruin”
Ending: “Witness the end!”

Trish: “Everybody is gunnin’ for this cosmic power.”
Persephone: “Stand aside demon or perish.”
Trish (win): “I don’t know about you but I like things the way they are.”
Persephone (win): “Your realm will be the first that I will be destroy.”

(Viewtiful Joe):
Viewtiful Joe: “OMG! Y-y-you’re!!”
Persephone: “Pathetic worm.”
Viewtiful Joe (win): “S-she’s not gonna be down for long. I gotta warn the others.”
Persephone (win): “Crawl like the worm you are.”

Phoenix: “Do you really know what you getting into?”
Persephone: “Even at full power you’re struggle is hopeless.”
Phoenix (win, Dark Phoenix): “Not even the powers of the Underworld are a match for Phoenix.”
Persephone (win): “You are too impudent to wield such power, now die for believing so.”

Hades: “Return to my side my beautiful queen.”
Persephone: “I’ll make you suffer you gluttonous bastard.”
Hades (win): “Now I will make sure you remember your place, my darling.”
Persephone (win): “I will spare you just only you can witness the full extent of my rage.”

Ending Theme #26

Page 1 Description: Persephone is hovering in the sky with the cosmic energy emanating from her body.
She is holding Kratos by the throat with one hand…

Persephone:  “Hear my words, Spartan.  With these last breaths know that your death will
                                     Be by the true hand of vengeance.  You are nothing just as the pain of your slain 

Page 2 Description: She hovers above a massive army of Titans which are under her control from the
cosmic power. They charge forth as if they were in a war.

Persephone:  “Go forward Titans! Destroy everything!”

	          Two things people will remember….the total ruin of the galaxy and her maniacal laughter that will follow.

Geese Howard

Real Name: Geese Howard
Occupation: Crime Lord
Weapons: None


Born and raised on the mean streets of South Town, Geese climbed through the ranks of the criminal underworld to achieve his powerful status as a crime boss. Having an expertise in Aikido he used his power and influence to sponsor the first ever King of Fighters tournament in which he was defeated by the Bogard brothers. Having survived many near death experiences Geese has built his reputation across the world as a formidable fighter, opponent and adversary.

Special Moves:

Reppuken: QCF x A - Sends a shockwave of ki energy racing across the ground.
Double Reppuken: QCF x S - Sends two shockwaves across the ground.
Shippuken: QCF x A (air) - Shoots fireball from the air. *note: QCF x S (air) releases two fireballs
Jaeiken: DPF x A - Unleashes a 3-hit combo attack
Atemi Nage: DPB x A - Counters attacks, (L)-high, (M)-middle, (H)-Low

Hyper Combos:

Raging Storm: QCF x AA - Surrounds Geese with a cage of powerful ki that rises upward, mashable up to 50 hits
Deadly Rave: DPF x AA - Geese attack with a powerful combo variation.
Sequence goes in order as follows: DPF x A (activate hyper combo), L,L,H,H,M,S,M,S, QCB x S
Rashomon: HCB x AA - A Command grab that flips opponent in air to follow up with a double palmed strike. Causes wall bounce.
Raging Dead End (Level 3): QCF x AA - Releases a tidal wave of ki toward opponent that covers nearly the whole screen, mashable up to 55 hits.


Reppuken (L)
Shippuken (L)

Character Rivals/Quotes:

Beginning: I’ll stain my hands with your blood!
Ending: Another insignificant bug that needed to be stepped on

Haggar: "There’s no way you’re gonna take over Metro City!"
Geese: "Mayor Haggar, your time is over."
Haggar (win): "Get outta my face and take your cronies with 'ya!"
Geese (win): “Don’t worry Haggar, I’ll take good care of Metro City. Ha-ha-ha-ha!”

Geese: "I’ll give you only one chance, take my offer and work for me."
Deadpool: "Well if it isn’t duck, duck, Geese!"
Geese (win): "Forget the offer, you aren’t all what you’re cracked up to be."
Deadpool (win): “Are you okaay!! Busta WOOF! (rofl) you suck dude.”

Geese: "You work for S.H.I.E.L.D. don’t you?"
Hawekeye: "What’s someone like you doin’ here?"
Geese (win): "Tell me everything about this “cosmic energy” or you’ll die."
Hawkeye (win): “A local crimelord that’s after cosmic energy, what they’ll think of next.”

Geese: "We meet again. And I suppose you’re here to stop me."
Terry: "Give it up, Geese."
Geese (win): "Now you know Terry, nobody will stand in my way."
Terry (win): “Stick to gettin’ your butt kicked on a regular basis, Geese.”

Ending Theme #26

Page 1 Description: Geese is sitting in his office, staring out of the window behind him.
Geese: “At last everything is mine and there isn’t a fighter alive in the universe that can take me.”

Page 2 Description: Billy runs in the office.
Billy: "Boss we got a problem, Bison and the Zaibatsu kid just busted their way in and they’re on their way up here."
Geese: “Don’t worry, it’s not like the stand a chance against me, I’ll kill them quickly.”

And unfortunately Geese is right, as of right now there isn’t a force alive that can stop him.

Samonoske Akechi

Real Name: Samonoske Akechi
Occupation: Ronin Samurai
Weapons: Various samurai swords


Samonoske Akechi was once a member of the legendary Saito clan. Chosen by the Oni Samonoske set out on a quest to rescue
the kidnapped Princess Yuki and to destroy the demon king Fortinbras. After he was successful he continued on a campaign to rid Japan from
the infiltration of the demonic empire known as the Genma.

Special Moves: