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Okay, Let’s get somethin’ out the way first, this is discussion is fan oriented only. Although I wish very badly but there’s no new Marvel game comin’ out. I just want to see from all of y’all who would you like to see or play with on a UMVC3 engine, graphics, gameplay the whole 9. It could be anybody from anyvideo game, cartoon, comic book or anime. If you wanna take somebody from the Bleach series and put him/her on UMVC3 platform, go for it. But here’s the catch, you gotta give him/her a moveset, special moves and hyper combos along with assists, don’t just tell me who you want to see. Tell us how you want your character to be like. Stretch your imagination a little bit. I’m gonna start it off to show y’all what I’m lookin’ for.

Shao Kahn:

Real Name: Shao Kahn
Occupation: Emperor of Outworld
Weapons: Warhammer


Through betrayal and deceit Shao Kahn suceeded to the throne of Outworld. Unsatisfied with his rule over
one realm he sought to conquer the remaining realms including Edenia and Earthrealm. Shao Kahn rules
with and iron fist stained with blood and will use it to take all of what he sees. His reign of terror and destruction
will not cease until he posseses ownership of all the realms with him as their ruler.

Special Moves:

Dark Star: QCF x A - Fires a dark green projectile from his eyes
Dark Spear: QCB x A - Lauches a dark green projectile in the form of a spear
Shadow Charge: DP x A - Charges at opponent with a shoulder tackle
Shadow Strike: DPB (dragon punch backwards) x A - Attacks with a rising knee lift
Emperor’s Law: HCB x A - Attacks with his hammer (L- overhead, M- vertical swing, hard knockdown, H- vertical swing, wallbounce)
Taunt: D,D x A - builds meter during quotes

Light Button:  "You will die, mortal!
Medium Button:  "I am Shao Kahn!"
Heavy Button:  *laughs*


A) Dark Star (L)
B) Shadow Strike (L)
C) Emperor’s Law (L)

Hyper Combos:

Dark Vision: QCF x AA - Huge beam fires out of his eyes, 40 hits, button mashable up to 80 hits
Dark Assault: QCB x AA - Throws 3 large projectile spears then inpales enemy with the 4th one
Shadow Rage: DPF x AA - Charges at opponent with 3 shoulder tackles, followed by a rising knee lift, ended with a rising shoulder tackle
(Level 3) Emperor’s Dictation: DPB x AA - Swing violent in rotation with hammer, 10 hits causing spinning knockdown.

Character/ Rival Quotes:

Beginning: "Kneel before the Emperor of Outworld"
Ending: “All those who do not bow before me will die.”

Shao Kahn: "Another god of Thunder? You are just as pathetic as Raiden."
Thor: "The All-Father knows of thine tyranny, I, Son of Odin will put it to an end to it."
Shao Kahn (win): "Your death will behold the siege of Asagard and fall of Odin, himself."
Thor (win): “Now Midgard and Edenia will suffer thine terror no more.”

Shao Kahn: "You? A god, don’t make me laugh."
Wesker: "Perhaps I should elaborate."
Shao Kahn (win): "Now you are where you belong, with the worms."
Wesker (win): “Now you understand the power of Uroburos.”

(Dr. Doom):
Shao Kahn: "Witness how I deal with insolent mortals."
Dr. Doom: "Not even an Emperor of Outworld has what it takes to defeat Doom."
Shao Kahn (win): "Behold your superior, the mighty Shao Kahn."
Dr. Doom (win): “Now Outworld will know the Age of Doom!”

Shao Kahn: "I can use one such as yourself…join me."
Nemesis: "GRRRR"
Shao Kahn (win): "I have to say I’m impressed even if you was created by mortals."
Nemesis (win): “UUUAAAAARRRRGH!!”

End Theme #26

Page 1 Description: Shao Kahn sits on his throne in Outworld. He is surrounded by the cosmic energy "This cosmic power is incredible!!

Page 2 Description: Shows his eyes as they glow with the energy. He sees visions of Earth in the middle and other planets surrounding it.
“I shall conquer beyond all the realms until I have the very universe in the palm of my hands! Raiden and his mortals will be powerless!! He releases an evil laugh that many will come to know and fear throughout the galaxy.”

Juri Han

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Innuendos all over the place, double entendres, sexually suggestive. The usual shit.

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Miles Edgeworth

Real Name: Miles Edgeworth
Occupation: Prosecutor
Weapons: None
Abilities: Logic
Profile: Miles Edgeworth is an esteemed prosecutor with a ruthless attitude. He is willing to do anything to get a “Guilty” verdict, but will always somehow find a way to the truth.

Playstyle: Decent keepaway; trys to get the enemy to attack so he can counter afterwards. A baited counter is easy to punish.

Special Moves:
-Replacement Prosecutor:
-QCF L: Franziska comes out with a whip; Ghost Rider Chain of Rebuttal clone
-QCF M: Godot stabs the ground with a sword; Medium speed OTG, ground bounce
-QCF H: Klavier jams out; Jam Session clone
-Call The Witness: DPF A- Similar to Phoenix Wright’s Press The Witness, but has startup invincibility and more range.
-Investigate: A+S: Evidence that works the same as Phoenix Wright, but is stronger. No bad evidence or meat, but no 2nd mode. After obtaining evidence, you cannot discard it.
-Adding types of evidence later
-Rebuttal: QCB A- Physical counter that looks similar to a taunt. Ends in a crumple state, comboable afterwards.
-Little Thief: DPB A- Projectile counter that reflects projectiles in a small radius around Edgeworth. Attack button determines angle.


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Shoot, her and Felicia, that’ll make somebody pay attention.


Real Name: Kratos
Occupation: Spartan General
Weapons: Blades of Exile, Claws Of Hades, Nemean Cestus, Nemesis Whip, various sorts of magic


Kratos was prophecied from his birth to bring about the destruction of Olympus. He grew up to be the most ruthless general
in Spartan history. With the aid of Athena, Kratos killed Ares and became the God Of War. Only then to be betrayed by Zeus
himself and stripped of his immortality. For this treachery Kratos vowed to extract vengance upon Zeus and all who dare stand
in his way.

Special Moves: (Note: Kratos’ main weapon is the Blades of Exile, while using these he access to the following moves, however he can switch weapons by various input commands upon such be able to execute their own special moves.)

QCF x A:
Zeus’ Fury (L) - Launches spears of lightning bolts toward opponent
Medusa’s Gaze (M) - A projectile that turns opponent to stone
Posiedon’s Rage (H) - Kratos summons lightning to protect him from enemy attack.

QCB x A:
Typhon’s Bane (L) - Fires magic-induced arrows into the sky
Kronos’ Rage (M) - Releases sparking energy that electrifies opponent
Atlas’ Quake (H) - Causes Kratos to stomp the ground to attack opponent

Weapons: Input commands will arm Kratos with specific weapon

Claws of Hades: QCF x S
Special Move: Soul Summoner - QCF x A: Calls forth the soul of slain enemy (L - Undead Legionnare, M - Cerebus, H - Chimera)

Nemean Cestus: QCB x S
Special Move: Nemean Quake - QCF x A: Pounds the ground causing a shockwave to hit opponent

Nemesis Whip: DP x S
Special Move: Nemesis Fury - QCF x A: Calls forth weaponized magic to torment opponent temporarily

Blade of Olympus: DPB x S
Special Move: Olympian Might - QCF x A: Powerful bolts of energy shoots from the sword.

Assists: While Holding Other Weapons:
A) Typhon’s Bane A) Soul Summoner
B) Zeus’ Fury B) Nemean Quake (M)
C) Posideon’s Rage C) Nemesis Whip (H)
D) Olympian Might (L)

Hyper Combos:

Wrath of Posiedon: QCF x AA - Kratos summons a more powerful version of Posiedon’s Rage. Covers more distance as you mash
Rage of Sparta: QCB x AA - Kratos is engulfed with the rage of his Spartan ancestors. All damage of all attacks are increased.
Destruction of Olympus (Level 3): DP x AA - Kratos demonstrated ruthless swordplay that has earned him his reputation. Final strike causes opponent to explode with lightning.

WARNING! WARNING! - Rage of Sparta + X-Factor + any combo ending with Destruction of Olympus = 1,300,000.

Character/Rival Quotes:

Beginning: "There is no force that can stop me!!"
Ending: “Join the sorrows of the Underworld”

Kratos: "Stand aside!! Or join you kind in Hades!!"
Thor: "Perhaps Mjlonir shall cause you to reason."
Kratos (win): "I will have my vengance, even if it means the destruction of Asgard itself."
Thor (win): “Thou speaketh mad, the Zeus I know incapable of such evil.”

Kratos: "I have not the patience for your games, wench."
Morrigan: "Not even for a minute, I promise I’ll make it quick."
Kratos (win): "Enough of your foolishness, begone and never return."
Morrigan (win): “You can’t enjoy life always being a hot-head.”

Kratos: "My rage will the last thing you shall see, before you die."
Akuma: "Show me your Spartan Rage."
Kratos (win): "You know nothing of what it means to face a Spartan."
Akuma (win): “Your power is pathetic.”

(Ghost Rider):
Kratos: "An agent of Hades’ who escaped my wrath."
Ghost Rider: "I’m only an agent of the fate you deserve."
Kratos (win): "Tell Hades he will suffer much worse."
Ghost Rider: “Don’t think that you can kill your family and not expect to deal with me.”

End Theme #25

Page 1 Description: Kratos is at the secret S.H.I.E.L.D. base, he’s standing in front of the portal, Nick Fury is inputting the coordinates for Kratos to get back to home. “When the merging collide somehow a portal opened up and snatched you from your own time. With the cosmic energy you took from Galactus we will be able to send you back to your own time.”

Page 2 Description: Kratos is back where he once was before he got pull out of his timeline, on the back of Gaia as she’s climbing Mt. Olympus. “Zeus!! Your son has returned I bring with me the destruction of Olympus!!!”

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