UMvC3 OTT: Transformers used to be a Marvel co-property.. let that sink in for a minute

This thread is basically just a thread to talk and converse with other members from the Marvel 3 forums about things loosely or not at all related to the Marvel vs Capcom 3 series.

Now… Blast off!

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Black Yoko sucks donkey ass.

Something witty.

First page, black chicks are my least prefered race. I just find them too… manly. If I wanted to do it with something manly I’d rather just look into men. (No Dots, don’t get your hopes up.)


Also, this.

Woke up early enough for new thread?

I can dig it.


Diek has to always make the thread when I’m not home and I can’t make a picture for it.

I don’t tier my women by race, but rather by how different they are from all the other girls I’ve been with. Which would mean small mousy nerdy local white chicks at the bottom, everyone else at least one tier above.

They gotta have a nice body, too. T&A don’t even gotta be huge, just nice. Oh, and she’s gotta be fun. Take that however you like.

As for Black Yoko, most Yoko cosplays I’ve seen were disappointments. She was one of the few that exceeded my expectations, the only other Yoko that exceeded my expectations was a white chick though.


Taking bets on how long before I get banned…again

Well Done.

I start laughing as soon as I know what video it is, then I fucking burst out at that slap. God damnit.

You should just post the Kyonyuu Fantasy picture you use on your streams.

Its not like I do it on purpose, we just all have our preferences and for whatever reason, black girls dont do much for me. Its funny though, if we’re thinking the same “small mousy nerdy” white chicks are pretty hot to me.

But yeah as much as I love a girl’s personality and cuteness (as in how her face looks, nothing body related) she gotta have some type of nice body. There’s at my job I like that I’ve talked about before. Her body isnt that great but damn the things I would do to her plus put a ring on dat

Speaking of bodies though, this week I start my workout schedule to hopefully lose weight and build muscle

Thanks @Densuo for the dieting tips


Ando’s no fun :frowning:

but a great lieutenant

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