Umvc3 or USF4 in Beijing

Hello, I’m a Canadian coming over to Beijing for a one year teaching term. I’m hoping while I’m over there to upgrade my skills in these games for EVO 2015. Sadly I’m a pad player and I’m looking for anywhere I could play these games. I’m hoping there is a small group already. If not I can just play my PS3 at my place all day :stuck_out_tongue:

dont they play good games in china like kof 98?

There’s a decent sized group in BJ for Ultra, all of them are on PS3 i think.

Add me on WeChat if you have it and I’ll add you to the groups.

If by 98 you mean 97, sure

I just got here. I live close to the qingnianlu subway station or JoyMall.

青年路? That’s really far…

It’s just where I was out to live. I would travel to USF4 or UMVC3 events in Beijing was I start working and can keeping putting money on my transit card.

Its not that bad, just 4 stops off of line 10. Anyway, we do have a small group that gather to play SF4 once in awhile. UMvC not so much. Nowadays we mostly communicate through wechat, so once you’re set up go ahead and add me (liangweide001) and we’ll all find a time to meet up!

Welcome to Beijing!

What system is it played on? I only have a wired PS3 controller. Also my WeChat is Pauliuk