UMvC3 on 360. Digital or Physical?

With UMvC3 and DLC getting the boot on XBLA, I was curious if it’s a good idea grab the digital version as I’m looking to switch to 360.

According to Major Nelson, the digital version is going to be 83% off which will put it at about $5.10. Realistically, this will probably be the cheapest UMvC3 will ever be as physical copies will probably only rise in price over time (currently at about $22 on Amazon).

I guess my only concern is whether or not (for whatever reason) the digital version isn’t considered legit or tournament standard. I know it’s not likely, but I just want to be careful.

I’m cheap. Are there any noticeable/game-changing differences between the digital and physical versions of UMvC3?

No. Why would there be?

It’s not so much that I thought there would be. I was just concerned and curious while trying to remain frugal about how to spend my money.

It really just comes down to preference most of the time.

If you haven’t bought the game yet and you don’t really care about the form you get it in, I say go for this deal.

Just grab the digital version and you’ll never have to worry about the disc breaking on you :slight_smile:

There are no differences between digital and physical versions of the game.