UMVC3 mission videos

Can anybody direct me to a series videos where all the missions are done cleanly with the input display on for the PS Vita?

The closest thing I know of is this playlist by Vesper Arcade. Done on 360 and while there’s no input display, it shows what he’s doing on the stick so you can still get a feel for the timings necessary.

PS: Mission mode combos are bad for learning the game

How the hell do I learn to play the game? A proper tutorial is null and the closest thing I have to a tutorial is mission mode.

Watch match videos. Read the content/participate in discussions here and elsewhere. Find local/online players. No proper tutorial is a shame but there’s lots for you to do.

But you did get the game for the Vita, so I’m going to assume that you aren’t really that serious about it. In that case, mission mode combos are fine.