UMvC3 Chris Changes, possibilities, and analysis

So far for Chris, we know of the changes:

  • All of Chris’ pistol shots are special cancelable. The pistol shots are: f+M, cr. H, and j.d +H.
  • Chris has a proper wave dash.
  • H grenade seems to last longer.
    ? It seems that the Magnum (H gun fire) has faster start up.
    ? H grenade pops enemies higher.
    ? Faster specials.

The major change would be the ability to now cancel the pistol shots into something other than Team Hyper Combo. I imagine this could evolve into some interesting block/chip strings for Chis to establish a stronger keep-away game. Let me theory-talk for a bit and point out some possibilities.

Combo possibility 1 - Gunshot H -> Dash -> Forward M + Sentinel Drones -> Gunshot H (cancel forward M into another magnum) -> Grenade Launcher Super -> Gunshot H.
This is just a hypothetical combo, but you can get creative. Foward M didn’t have many uses, since many other OTG option outclasses it, but this could a possibility off of a simple fullscreen standing magnum. This is assuming the Sentinel Drones help keep the full screen Grenade Launcher super going (which obviously might not work).

Combo possibility 2 - Throw (any) -> Crouching H -> Special of choice.
Chris can now more reliably combo off of a throw due to being able to cancel crouching H into a special, which can potentially be huge. Rather than relying on assists or tight links, he can simply OTG gunshot and go into H boulder punch, then magnum. That’s merely one example.

Thanks to Cambosam for pointing this out.

Pressure possilibility 1 - Jumping down H -> Shotgun.
Originally when approaching as Chris with jumping guns, you had a few options, but could obviously only choose one. Jumping shotgun was probably the most perferred due to it’s hit confirmation ease, chip damage, and frame advantage on hit or block. Jumping down H or TK machine gun was preferred to establish pressure from further distances where jumping shotgun or magnum would miss otherwise. The ability to cancel a jumping down H shot grants Chris access to the best of both worlds.

Pressure possibility 2 - Super jump -> Jumping down H -> Gunshot L/M/H -> Jumping down H.
Originally Chris’ can super jump jump and quickly begin with a Gunshot of his choice and right before landing, he can sneak in a jumping down H pistol shot. Now he can fire a pistol shot, cancel that quickly into a preferred gunshot, and come down with another pistol fire. More lead = better.

Mix-up possibility 1 - (insert combo here with hard knockdown) -> c. H -> Grenade Toss L/M/H.
After a combo, you might be planning what to do after a crouching H OTG. Perhaps you can reset your opponent with a air grab, but I find this mix-up to be effective in Vanilla, since people are so eager to throw out moves after being OTG’d. You put a landmine or fire grenade out after the OTG, but sometimes if you go against certain characters, their aerial hitboxes are good enough to avoid the landmine, and the nature of the fire grenade does not easily allow follow ups if mistimed. The ability to cancel the OTG gunshot into a move of your choice means that you might even be able to block in time when your opponent recovers.

Overall, the ability to cancel the gunshot into a prefered special seems miniscule at first, but I can see how it drastically improve the character overall.

As for some of the other changes:

  1. Ability to wavedash properly
    Any movement buff to Chris is highly welcomed, but this also helps defensively in some scenarios where if the opponent throws out an attack while you are dashing, you can immediately cancel it to a low block.

  2. H grenade fire puddle lasts longer
    This is one of the changes I began to notice while playing UMvC3 at Evo. It’s also one of my favorite changes as it essentially means you can have more “flame carpet”-esque traps set up around the stage now. A highly welcomed change and is going to be highly essential with so many of the new characters relying on having full stage control (Firebrand and Strider comes to mind).

So overall, as lackluster as Chris felt in Vanilla MvC3, he was not a bad character at all. Of course he had a lot of difficulty and crappy match-ups, but I feel some minor tweaks will make him much better in this installment. Feel free to share what you think.

thanks we really needed this thread!
being able to cancel pistols should really boost chris’s solo combo ability.

for example:

solo combo off of throws without x factor or needing to link:
-throw, dH, landmine, dM,H,fH,S, aircombo…
-throw near corner dH, magnum, jump machinegun, H, S, aircombo…

long range off of standing magnum without assists:
-fM, magnum, fM, magnum, jumping magnum, magnum, level 3
(maybe 3x fM, magnums?)

after 1 air combo and without assists:
-fM, magnum, jumping magnum, magnum…

currently chris needs to dH with an assist for his longer combos.

Thanks, I’ll add this in on the first post.

don’t forget c.H otg pops characters a little higher which makes combos off throws/air throws easier without the use of assists. His new dash is probably his best buff as it makes him move as fast as taskmaster, able to immediately cancel into a crouching block, and add more possibilities to full screen punishes with magnums.

Thanks for the info on Chris!

All of these buffs are definitely welcome additions. I’m really looking forward to seeing what kind of difference his dash will make.

can someone confirm these things:
-shotgun having longer range? larger hitbox?
-does airthrow, dH consistently connect now?
-does sweep combo super still require a groundbounce to fully connect?
-larger hitbox and faster startup for flamethrower?

and we should also list known nerfs or things that are no longer possible:
-boulder punch H no longer causes a hard knockdown in a juggle?
-llnd mentioned that it was harder to combo off of a landmine but is it still possible, tighter link maybe?

i’m gonna try to go to the capcom fight club on the 18th in nyc to test out the latest build of umvc3. besides some of the things already mentioned above, you guys should list out some of the other things you’d want me to look for or missed out on the first time and weren’t able to test it out yourselves.

I am pretty excited that I won’t have to drop Chris when this comes out. I just hope one of the new characters has a godlike assist to make up for the loss of lariat and gustaff flame.

I remember seeing the landmine hit in this video, about 50 secs in

It all looks the same to me

Didn’t mess around with it too much. Someone mentioned it had a closer spread at the end of the blast but I didn’t really see anything different.

Seemed to work all the time mid screen. I didn’t get to try a back air throw against a cornered opponent, so not fully sure.

It still does, you just can’t do it too deep into a combo or else they recover after the first hit.

The video ChrisD showed the landmine cause a soft knockdown. From what I played at evo, characters were air recovering after a raw mine. They might’ve high above it, but they were recovering unusually quick. Might be build difference?

I can confirm that shotgun’s range has been heightened rather drastically. From my time playing at EVO, it looked like at least 3/4ths the screen.

jumping shotgun XFC Wesker j.S

Quick question: Does Shotgun still rape damage scaling as badly as in the current build?

I’m looking forward to his changes. J. Down H Seems like it will be one of my staple moves now (On-hit cancel into magnum for combo-age, on block cancel into shotgun for the chip, unless it affects damage scaling less in Ultimate, in which case just always go Shotgun.)

I actually couldn’t tell from what I played, but I’d assume so. Shotgun can OTG properly now as well according to what I was being told while waiting in line. That said, while these buffs certainly help Chris, he’s still missing that vertical control he desperately needs.

Honestly, if they made him control the ground and anti-projectile, than he’s fine IMO. I’d rather they make him do what he is supposed to do correctly and have a weakness than try to make him do everything, but make everything mediocre/bad to compensate.

Looking at Maximillian’s latest and last video from EVO, Chris’s Magnum seems so much faster. Hurray. Now I can actually win projectile battles without having to be psychic.

The mine, regular grenade and shotgun also look at least marginally faster. I’m not sure. I just know too busy salivating over magnum being that faster even if it can still be ducked by most characters (and won’t hit Amaterasu standing–sigh).

Everything looked way faster. The startup on the mine, fire grenade, and all guns is way better. I kind of wish the mine lasted longer, but considering all the buffs he seems to have gotten and actually looking viable now, I won’t complain.

Chris also seems to be able to use a air grenade like Saki from TVC check out around 1:10.

All I see is a Doom missile hitting him.

That’s Hidden Missles.

I’m still disappointed that Chris doesn’t have any new moves, he really needed something that shoots up in the air (other than the second shot of his super) and the fact that he can’t do that just doesn’t make much sense.
Sorry, just venting.