UMVC3 Casuals - Morgan Hill, CA

Hey Guys,

I would like to start playing UMVC3 locally.

Is there anyone in Gilroy/Morgan Hill that wants to play?

I have a setup here at my apartment in MH - ASUS Monitor, 2 sticks, xbox, etc…

I know intermediate combos and would be considered an intermediate type player - just want some local competition.

**Met a few cool gamers over the last several months - want to level up with more! We game every Tuesday!

Also would not mind play some SSF4 - but UMVC3 is what I want to play mostly!

Is there anyone in the area that wants to play?

I’ll be available all day Thursday and Friday to play!

Anyone want to game?


This invitation is still open to people who want to level up. We’re not pros, just know the standard combos and what not.

My apartment is open to honest people who want to level up - we play on Tuesdays.

Msg me for info.


i dont play marvel but im willing to learn. i do play ae 3s and mk9. hit me up if youre intetested!

Is this still happening?

Morgan Hill used to be my “stomping grounds” for SF and MK back in the day (over 20 years ago)…

I`m from Hollister, is this still happening ?

Jion Wansu…I feel you on thee whole 20 years ago thing haha !

Is this still a thing?

That’s what’s up!

There used to be this comic book store next to Cinema 6

Right by this is where The Red Planet was:

In 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993, Morgan Hill used to be an video arcade game mecca!

So… we would go to The Red Planet (next to this theater above which was called Cinema 6 back in the day), go to Cinema 6, then to the Bowling Alley across the way (forgot what it was called back in the day) then to Mountain Mike’s Pizza. Most of these places had some form of Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat 1 and Mortal Kombat 2…