UMVC3 Autopilot Autocorrect/Option select okizemi featuring X23

[LEFT]I knew about this technology for awhile and I’m not sure whether it’s new or not. But now I have decided to make a video for it. I hope you all enjoy it.[/LEFT]


My eyes hurt from all that awesome. Seriously, very nicely done. X-23 mains should really take a look at this.

This video could have been 2 minutes long instead of 6, and Tatsu was using this trick all the way back in Vanilla. Pretty sure this is somewhere on the X-23 forums too.

“Seth Krillian”

I predict a meme in a few weeks

That is interesting though, I’ll definitely let my X-23 using friends know about this.

Seemed like it was a video to inform newcomers ( which is great, MVC3 and UMVC3 probably brought many newcomers to the genre ), and X-23 is an underexplored and fairly unpopular character, this video is probably a great way to get people to try the character out.