UMvC3 at EVO 2012 - 3/5?

With the number of majors (UFGT, ECT, CEO) and other tournaments running Marvel 3 out of 5 all the way through, will EVO be doing the same?

If not, why?

That is a great question. I feel that this is a question that has been on everyone’s mind for a while.

Marvel players may as well be playing roulette, because people are going to get random out so hard.

I think that would help balance out the double whammy of SF x Tekken AND SF4.

Really, Evo is the THE big tournament for the whole US and a lot of the world. I’m sure everyone who enjoys the game wants to see the best play extended sets.

What I wouldn’t mind, just for Evo, have pools be 2/3 just to clear out the scrubs. Once you’re out of pools, 3/5 from there.

To be honest, 2/3 would just make it more random. If anything, it would increase the chance of them making it out of pools.

I think the only argument against this is time and when you have that many people, adding 1-2 more rounds over hundreds of matches significantly increases the time it takes to run pools. While 3/5 is definitely a much better idea for consistency I have a feeling anyone who runs a pool will bring up the logistics of running things on time. IF they were to expand to 4 days for EVO I could see this happening though, but right now it’s already a tight schedule with how big it’s gotten for 3 days.

I agree. Thing is, 2/3 is the standard and is what they’re probably going to run anyway.

Evo is too big to run the whole thing 3/5, everyone can probably accept that. No one wants to watch crappy matches featuring people who can’t do Wolverine combos go 3/5. For the higher level play, I would want to see 3/5 to prolong the high level matches and sustain the hype.

We are looking into it. CEO has the same pool system, so all eyes will be on them this weekend to see if it is doable.

Awesome, I hope Jebailey pulls it off :smiley:

It’s not really up to Jebailey.
The tournament format is already set, and there’s not much can be done beyond that.
Even a higher number of setups wouldn’t help, because you can only run so many matches a in a 16-man bracket before you are stuck using only 1 system.
That’s the reason why EVO only uses 2 setups per station. What EVO needs (based on last year), is the ability to run through a 16 man bracket within 2 hours.
It’s not impossible for the 3/5 format to make it pass that time frame, so we’ll just have to wait and see.

In my opinion, it would be better if the 3/5 was implemented only for top 32 (or 64 is possible).
I feel its better to start using it once the skill gap between players is a little tighter, and that’s usually after the qualification rounds.

well, from what I observe last year at Evo, most pool finish with at least 30 minutes leftover, so I think it is very possible to do 3/5, don’t forget, each station at EVO is consist of 2 machine, so lets say out of the 32 people, there are 25 extra matches (lets be serious, I doubt so many matches will go all 5 games, but if you can run stagger on the matches every minutes (one match start after the first extra match has been in for a minutes), I think it should take only about 15-20 minutes extra to finish all the extra matches, and they should still have 10 minutes leftover). But lets see what happen at CEO, if they can pull it off, EVO should be able to, they just have to enforce the DQ rule really strict (like 2 minute enforcement have to be held).

Just ran UMvC3 as a 3/5 instead of a 2/3 at the local tournaments I throw at my location. People were really happy once I announced it and had a blast during the tournament. I heard a lot less complaints from the players on reasons why they lost as well. People seemed to be more at terms with the results with 3/5 rather than 2/3. Seems like CEO is holding it down with 3/5 as well for UMvC3.

I have helped with running pools and many other things at Evo for many years now. Last year it seemed that MvC3 pools ran by pretty smoothly and we had a huge chunk of time left until the next pools were set to start. I remember that the pool was still pretty deadly since it had players such as Justin Wong, Ruin, RandyOCR, Ru, Gootecks, etc in the pool. The pool only consisted of like two Phoenixes, but they were taken out pretty early on. Not so much randomness in this pool so most of the matches ended in 2-1. Even with the amount of matches they wanted from our pool to be on the main stream I was still able to finish it well before the deadline. Hopefully 3/5 makes it in this years Evo.

-Tha Hindu

Just left CEO a few hours ago. Tournament went down without a hitch. :slight_smile:

Hopefully UMvC3 3/5 becomes the standard.

I can see 3/5 being a problem for games like SFIV or SFxT which could take awhile to do a set of matches, but one match of marvel could be over in 15 seconds if a happy birthday + incoming mix up occurs. I think 3 out of 5 for marvel would be nice.

It’s definitely felt a lot better doing 3/5s. I felt I had more room to recover when a luck happy b-day occurred. Certainly felt like it got more accurate results by the end of the tournament i did.

I think it speaks a lot that Jebailey was able to put all of the Top 24 AE matches in the main stream as the Sunday main event at CEO…

There’s another thing that should be considered IMO.
In my experience, each pool only has 5-6 skilled players tops most of the time.
This means that there will be a lot of games with obvious results on the first rounds like it happens on every tournament.
Adding 3/5 at that point of the tournament could end up using a lot of unnecessary extra time.
If the 3/5 was applied until the winners final of each pool and continue from there, I think it would be much better.

It helps curb people getting randomed out. MvC has a lot of derpy strategies that can net you a lucky win or two and the best counter to that is having enough matches to lower the potential of it putting a loss on a better player who would normally win in a longer set. In the case an opponent is significantly stronger the match will likely be over in a 3-0 so not much time will be wasted in comparison to a 2-0.


Top 128 is 3/5. I dont see a problem here, its a gift.