UMvC3 $29.99 @ (Expires 10/22/11)

Wasn’t sure if I should post this here or the trading forum, but anyway, has UMvC3 Pre-order for $29.99 after coupon code and free shipping.
XBox version coupon code: EMCJKHK97 (link)
PS3 version coupon code: EMCJKHK98 (link)
I think this is a good deal since I don’t need to pay tax with Newegg, but have to for Amazon. I do lose out on a choice of pre-order costumes though, but that $13-14 difference makes up for it. With so many good games coming out the savings will add up.

Discounted prices and/or promo codes are valid till 11:59pm PT 10/22/2011

i got the ico and sotc collection from new egg for same price with no tax its a really good deal. this time though i’m going to look for the game before release.

it seems i can’t use paypal for the preorder… damn you making me get out my money clip, newegg!
also, thanks for the heads up.

No paypal (got some funds in derr), no costumes, and no game guide in the same box is a deal breaker for me. :frowning:

I was just about to post this! haha… fuck the costumes !
I didn’t really like any of them anyways! well, Im not gonna be using akuma no matter how good he is!’

this is awesome too if you live at home and you cant be smashing away at 12

So tempting but I gotta have this game the day of!

I’m liking this.

Order off Newegg
Pre-order or Buy day 1 in store
return the Newegg copy to the store

I was going to go ahead and order this on Newegg, but what’s this about the game guide being packed in? The Brady one? What places are doing that?

I thought Amazon was but it’s not showing the 15th for a release . . . hmmm I bet it’ll be sitting on the shelf in gamestop before Amazon ships it

I bet Best Buy will carry it but if you search for “Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 guide” on the website you get like 50 results.

ugggggggggh idk should i be cheap and wait a day or should i get it midnight release…CHOICES MAN CHOICES!!!

Think I’m just gonna grab it on Newegg and then get the guide on Amazon. I’ll survive not having it for a day or two, and I have prime so shipping isn’t a problem. I was thinking of going to a launch event, but the only ones I know about are out of my way. Might just go hang out at one, time provided.

anyone know where i can find the guide early? something for me to read while i wait and learn some new stuff at the same time.


so is everyone canceling their pre-orders with amazon?

I’m still deciding where to leave my preorder: Best Buy for the MODOK costume, or Gamestop so I can get it at midnight (and possibly attend a Midnight Release Tournament).

Having gone to several midnight releases, I can say that I would rather shell out the extra $10. It’s fun to chill with a bunch of the diehard crowd.

I don’t think that Gamestop is going to have it early.

i will only like OP’s post if newegg delivers before street date

doesn’t gamestop most of the time leave the guides out a week early before release?

Is anyone else disturbed that a game which is already $40 is getting $10 off before its launch? Could it be a hint that they are having problems selling this game?