Umm...another request thread 1337

ya, i havnt taken request’s in awhile. you know the usual.
1.dont overload me and i dont really feel like doing animation but ill do it if its small.
2.I WILL ONLY MAKE SPRITE AVA’S!!! MUST provide the sprite for me to use.
4.if you have requested from somebody else, DO NOT request from me also.
5.ill do team ava’s also.
plz do not over load me w/ requests.

:Pick Ups:

1st post! G’luck with your requests. \o/ :smiley:

hells ya, thanx y2J

Can you change the color of my avatar?Make it the evil ken color from 3S.Yeah I made a thread but no one post in it . :sad:

do you still what it animated or not, caust i can do it in like 5 mins. :tup:

Yes i want it animated.Thank you very much for doing this.

Just make it look kinda crazy looking if you could.

Or, if you feel like messing around maybe you could just make it look like Sound Waves emanating from the guitar?

For SN-wise, you could just shorten my name anyway you want.(I.E. Ath, At, [A], Athan, etc.)

Sorry for being so “blah.”

alright np Athan.
im just about finished w/ yours xYourMasterx

finished w/ both av’s, hope you guys like em.
pick up on first post :tup:

getting a little better tet.

this ken color.

Thank you epsilon! Can you please change it to the color of epsilon avatar.Thank you for doing the first one.If you can do this I will be very very thankful!

the reason i see that might be hard is because remy’s pants will have to turn black, from what i can see, his pants are the exact same color as kens’ gi.

unless you have the .psd file, which would make it VERY easy

nice work tet

can i get something animated with this


Yo TetsuAKA your avatars own, keep it up. Can you make me one out of this pic? Thanks.

Someone help out this guy.

You can get the psd file here:

thanx seth.

you need to find somebody else to do yours xYourMasterx.

finished w/ yours m1x4h, im to lazy to animate it, if you dont like it then sorry. :xeye:

Beauty, Tets. Beauty.


thanx guys

It’s a small picture, but do you think you could do anything with that?