umehara-ga ?

what does that mean ? every time daigo wins a match , the commentator says that .

its his name…

then , what’s with the extra ‘ga’ .

It’s a topic marker in the language.

From the Fighting Game Comedy thread, posted by Tiggy

So the “ga” part isn’t really his name.

I thought this thread was about where the meme going all over Youtube/Nicovideo is from. :lol:

[media=youtube]wUOOFsmaHQQ[/media] <-- the original. Quality’s not so good.

And the crazy edits, for those who missed it:


It’s a Japanese particle.

[media=youtube]SmLB3LOtapE&NR=1[/media] <— last part too .

the last 2 video clip is very hilarious !

Some of us in that thread have started simply translating it as UMEHARA HAS DECIDED THE DESTINY (as a slight poke at Hokuto no Ken)!

And yes, I too thought this was a separate thread for those videos (I mean, Let’s Go Justin got it’s own thread some time ago).


lol caps

ok thks ,that is very epic . sadly , never happened in SBO where players can be abit or far beastier than daigo :frowning: .

good, lets start a versus thread ! UMEHARA GA KIMETA VS LET’S GO JUSTIN !!:party:

Let’s be honest with ourselves here: Let’s go Justin is a far better meme and catchphrase than umehara-ga

Umehara ga - Kirby Remix


Umehara is so moe when he DECIDES THE DESTINY!

Seriously though, “kimeru” seems to be the term that most japanese announcers use for when someone wins a match - at least it seems that way from the Gods Garden vids I’ve been watching on Nico Video.

Don’t mind me, I’m just posting in this legendary thread.

n/m deleted on nico as well.

Dr. Mario Umehara


can someone like Reno or HeartNana who lives in Japan just translate the whole thing pls
Its only 17 seconds it cant be that hard to translate.

i’m hooked up to this 1


To be fair, that’s probably the one that hurts my ears the least.