UMBC Wednesday Monthly : November 19th, 2009 RESULTS

Great games tonight guys, was big fun. Here are the results:

Saltiest Player:

For being the Saltiest Player, Sayco won a large size case of Morton’s Salt and a $10 Gift Certificate to El Salto

Tekken 6: BR (Single Elim, 21 Entrants)

  1. Word (The Entire Cast of Characters)
  2. Millionz (STE,JUL)
  3. Sayco (DRA,ANN)
  4. Moroha (LIL)
  5. Xiggurat (MIG)
  6. Renaldo (EDD)
  7. Offstein (BOB)
  8. Wallstreet (BRY)
  9. Steve Harrison (KAZ)
  10. Derek (ASU)
  11. DOC (STE)
  12. Street Man (ASU)
  13. Coma (NIN)
  14. Robin (BRY)
  15. Tocky (XIA)
  16. AznDaisy (BRU)
  17. Jonas
  18. Kiseki
  19. Alex
  20. Guexdeth
  21. Devin

For First Place, Word received an Eggo Waffles plate with his name on it. For Second Place, Millionz received “KING MIDAS” on DVD.

Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 (Single Elim, 14 Entrants)

  1. AznDaisy
  2. Offstein
  3. Steve Harrison
  4. Jamal
  5. Sayco
  6. Eric T
  7. Wallstreet
  8. Alex
  9. Krost
  10. DOC
  11. Roosevelt
  12. BChan
  13. Robert Rufus
  14. Moroha

Placers recieved Action Figures. Pete will elaborate

Guilty Gear: AC (Single Elim; 12 Entrants)

  1. Steve Harrison (Ky)
  2. Xiggurat (Robo-Ky)
  3. Moroha (A.B.A)
  4. Krost (Anji)
  5. Wallstreet (Slayer)
  6. Sol Badguy Z (Sol)
  7. Robert Rufus
  8. Whyte Sakura (I-No)
  9. Kiseki (May)
  10. Alex (Bridget)
  11. Coma (Millia)
  12. AznDaisy

For First Place, Steve H receives 20 Pesos. For Second Place, Xiggurat receives Jeopardy! for the Nintendo 64.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix (Double Elim, 12 Entrants)

Loser’s finals couldn’t be played due to time

  1. Steve Harrison (Sagat)
  2. Krost (Ken)/Tarnish (Guile)
  3. DOC (Ryu)
  4. Xiggurat (T. Hawk)
  5. Millionz (Balrog)
  6. Avion (Ryu)
  7. Sayco (Guile)
  8. Moroha (Vega, Sagat)
  9. AsianDaisy (Balrog)
  10. The Street Man (Ryu?)
  11. Robin (Ken?)

Congrats to all placers! See you in December for MBO II.

Is the game room going to be open next Wednesday?

It’s been soooooo so long since I’ve played GG, I can’t wait to be back in MD where people still play it :bluu:

for those who wanna know what the dutty donkers are all about…



Jeopardy!? Best prize…ever.

Depends on what action figures were given.

But it is safe to say. Jeopardy > Everything

I didn’t use Steve in Tekken :stuck_out_tongue:

I used Bruce, Julia and Lili.

In HDR i used Claw and boxer

Good shit to Sayco for winning the best prize

My nigguh Sayco is MAAAD SALTYYYY. :rofl:

Good games to all who I played last night in every game, lol. It was fun touching games that I haven’t touched in a LOOOONG time.

Just to correct the brackets, both Steve H. and Jamal (aka akumatrunigga) both tied for 3rd place.

For 3rd place, Steve H. won a goat figurine and Jamal won a Rogue figurine.

For 2nd place, my nigguh Tyrone won a Wolverine figurine.

And for 1st place, I won a Psylocke figurine, in which I’m debating supergluing that shit to my TE once it’s finished with the modifications. :bgrin:

Shoutouts and much thanks to Millz and Word for helping me step my Bruce game up. Still got a lot of work to do, but I’mma clock in for some OT, REAL TALK. :cybot:

Also, I used Sol Badguy for GG.

Teams used in Marvel were:

  1. AznDaisy (MSP, ISP)
  2. Offstein (Mag/Cable/Cyke)
  3. Steve Harrison (Cable/CapCom/Cyke)
  4. Jamal (Guile/CapCom/Cyke, Guile/Cable/Cyke)
  5. Sayco (MSP, MSCyke)
  6. Eric T (Cable/Sent/Doom, Cable/Sent/Psy)
  7. Wallstreet (Team Scrub [Cable/Sent/CapCom for you fools who just don’t know])
  8. Alex (Some low tier shit, lawlz)
  9. Krost (Cable/Sent/Doom, team Clockwork)
  10. DOC (MSP)
  11. Roosevelt (Some low tier bullshit with Sabretooth, good shit, lolol)
  12. BChan (MSP, Santhrax)
  13. Robert Rufus (I don’t even remember what this kid played, ahahahaha.)
  14. Moroha (Team Duc, team Scrub)

ps. Sayco, take me to EL SALTO with you, homie. :rofl::rofl:

Tarnish here on Avion’s account:

I used Cammy and Guile in HDR. All entrants in HDR I could find got complimentary cans of Sunkist orange soda. Not as smooth as orange crush, but still a respectable beverage. Steve Harrison won a Guile figurine for taking first.

Had a good time, don’t know how I got 5th in Marvel, but somehow that ended up meaning we couldn’t play losers finals in HDR lol.

Good stuff in HDR. I couldn’t make it but it looks like you all didn’t have enough time for another player anyway.

Seth and I joined HDR just for shits and giggles. We both played in every tourney, lol. :rofl:

needs more MW2 tourney

How about you just show up and play HDR already?

snookums def got the best prize.


No SF4?

son, I am disappoint

good shit harrison moroha and krost

UMBC stuff still happening and playing non-SF4 games?! Maybe I should return.

Also, to correct, there were 16 entrants for Marvel.


damn I miss UMBC Wednesdays. wtb a ride from germantown. :frowning:

Jeopardy question.

What is a horrible 2009 release game that is no longer played at UMBC?