UMBC Monthly : The Road to Evolution 2010 Starts Here | Baltimore, MD . September 9th

September 9, 2009, the Fall season of Fighting Weeklies at UMBC begins! Our weeklies will begin in full swing, and to kick things off for the Fall we’ll be running a set of tournaments. Tournaments will be MONTHLY, and of course we’ll be running FFA casuals every Wednesday.

*- Street Fighter 4
*- Blazblue
- NEW: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 HD Remix
- Guilty Gear, possibly Soul Calibur 4; KOF12; Street Fighter 2: HD Remix

All tournaments are 100% FREE! Our weeklies are held for the SCENE and to level up as a scene, so new players and vets alike should come and enter tournaments. There are prizes awarded to top placers in all games. There’s a Chick’Fila on campus (GDLK) as well as other fast food restaurants, so feel free to come hungry for food too. Play against the best MD has to offer (and sometimes Pat Van Pelt shows up too). **Casuals start officially at 5PM, Tournaments at 7:30PM, game on until Midnight. Prove that old axiom, take someone for a ride, see you September 9th! **

University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s Game Room; Top floor of the Commons.

Check out the Campus Map for directions to the Game Room.

Pictures from Spring 2009’s Finale, MBO:

oh how convenient



chickfila isnt real chicken. popeyes is real chicken.

parking isn’t free, for non-students, intill some time in the evening that I don’t know exactly cause I’ve never had to deal with that.

And the Commons’ staff are serious about everyone being out of the place before the clock hits midnight. So let the staff go home and sleep, they’re nice enough to keep the gameroom lights on for us during the after hours.

umthrfkr is horrible…

pretty sure free hours are after 9pm

fuck…why is this so far…damn classes starting again

can’t fucking wait.

Fuck this shit. Why does it have to start the week after I move back to school? :looney:

See you over Thanksgiving break…

Oh you did NOT just go there.

I’m there, man. Most likely, I’ll be there on Sept. 2nd as well.

Popeye’s > Chick-Fil-A. However, I do like Chick-Fil-A. But I am down for some chicken matches, real talk.

Also, for those of you that don’t know, I will be giving Marvel lessons at these weeklies (with exception to the tournaments) for FREE. :slight_smile:

Sup peeps! Guess I’ll come out and play some games.

Maybe I’ll head over to the Marvel setup for some lessons from the legendary Asian Daisy :china:

I won’t be able to play in the tourney because of work, but I will come after work to get some games in for SF4 and HD Remix. Maybe some KOF XII as well because I need to level up in that as well.

hmmm i wonder what awesome prizes we can win this semester!!

Get outa my dam chair.

Hopefully, I won’t embarrass myself too much this season…

What if chic-fil-a runs out of chicken? Omfg?!?!?!?

this is delicious


Yes, you should come back out, Doc.

Oh, btw, can you make it up to Tomass’s house in Mercersburg, PA on Sept. 19th for a gathering?

you know chessy is in there like swim wear

MAN! damn…?!

I got to be at work at around 6am the next day on all of the FightNights. Fuck it, I need to level up Rose.
Yeah Pat (Daisy), I gave up Rog man. Game got mad boring and retarded playing with him. Rose has an uphill fight but It’s atleast fun…

See y’all soon.

Hey, is there gonna be a “Welcome back to School” tourny on the first night?