Ultra = walk speed

Ok I use t hawk

Faster walk speed yes good for us!

But I’m afraid because I think this will move him up in tiers… C. Mk footsie and it’s cancel able

Also when I get close or corner my opponent I use walk in Jabs Rolento style right now and with a faster walk speed when fighting a character without a good reversal this may make hawk too strong?

I can’t wait until ultra is released so I can test…



Faster walk + Spd range <- loving this combination right here. Means we can likely tick spd after 4 jabs.

I can’t even do it after 2 jabs now. How do you do it after 4?

End the SPD motion on forward then delay the punch button press until he’s walked forward a bit.

I am absurdly out of practice, but to me the walk speed is really not noticeable in a neutral game situation. In conjunction with the SPD range buff it was nice though.

I just spit my coffee out, brilliant