Ultra Street fighter 4, Where's Dashio

i’ve been grinding ultra seth footage left and right, but i really can’t find sets, hell not even single matches of Dashio. Does he still play seth? actually does he still play the game :frowning:

You can see him play in this video according to the comments youtube.com/watch?v=NESBuRX4yBA

Yeah, that’s Dashio alright. You’ll notice the huge damage taken from cr.MK xx SPD (it was supposed to be a Sonic Boom).

^good to see they left in SPD cancels so we can suicide faster, but they took out cancels to tandem cuz they didn’t like how smart the Seth army was getting. FailFish

well that was kinda sad :frowning:

I originally thought it was the new stick I put in my Qanba. Glad to see it’s not that.

Who is Dashio? Sorry, I don’t really follow the fighting game community much.

In my opinion, he’s one of the Top 3 Seth’s you’ll find world wide.

My Top 3 are:

OMG…I thought Dashio is gone
He is one of the two men who make me main Seth.
Dashio is less aggressive as Poongko, using safer approach, better defensive skills and use a lot of rare setups.
Poongko’s play is focused on pure reaction. It is more unpredictable and fun-to-watch.
It is interesting that 2 best Seths play in a totally different style.
Seth will be invincible if there is a Dashio and Poongko fusion. LOL

I just like the fact that even 2 player’s styles have huge contrast, both of them can still be very strong.
(Gackt vs Mago/Fuudo, Infiltration vs Tokido, Daigo’s E.Ryu vs Sako, Momochi vs Michael Tan)

BTW, a interesting fact. It seems that every Seth’s costumes got occupied by certain top players. Specific costume and color always reminds me of them.
Seth’s Default costume (red): Kazunoko
Alternate 1(default): Poongko
Alternate 2(light blue): inaba360 (Another great Japanese Seth behind Dashio, also known for rare setups. Still using Seth in USF4)
Alternate 3(black): Dashio

Online Tony and Roxas-Seth are also great, but I think Online Tony don’t use Seth anymore and Roxas has disappeared.

My Top 3:

  1. Poongko/Dashio
  2. Kazunoko