Ultra Bust a Move online, anyone?

Does anyone here play? The game came out recently and there haven’t been that many players on (limited release, plus everyone’s probably playing Halo 2 right now). Plays very smoothly online and matches can get pretty intense.

I need people to play against…C’mon, it’s only $20.

Now we just need Puzzle Fighter on Live…

Hey, I bought this also. More for my g/f than for myself, but I went online a few times, and have only seen one person and they bailed as soon as I challenged them. I wonder if we’re the only 2 people that have the game. :slight_smile:

Probably close…I played a few games last weekend and last time I checked, I was like #50 overall (this was after losing a bunch of games as well…I played the #1 guy and went, like 2-12, but I did gain a lot of points for those 2 wins) Haven’t played since, due to lack of opponents…

I had a guy pull on me after a screen-clearing combo practically buried him and it was pretty neat…His screen stopped, but mine kept going (his ceiling was about to collapse and kill him…) Only thing I could do was die because I couldn’t reset the game and the “lost connection” notice wasn’t coming up. Maybe it was a glitch…

i have it

k groove scrub

add me

Is this shit the one you target like same colored bubbles and try to break em ? I will probly get it that game is fun :tup:

i need to find a copy of this game, this game is funny!

Rob, is “risigly” your xbox gt? You got SFAE also right? Add me to your list… GT “Lethargy01”

I’m thinking about snagging a copy of this as well when I go to pick up my Nintendo DS next week. They need to go back to using the original artwork used in the earlier games though. The newer shit is atrocious at best and then some. Bust-A-Move 1, Bust-A-Move Pocket, and Bust-A-Move 4 were the shit in that series as far as I’m concerned!

nah my xbox live usertag is “k groove scrub”

ok i’ll add you up we’ll play something, AE is a yes

It’s out? Dammit I was planning to pick this up on release day but it slipped my mind!

Add me. peace minus one. I’ve been looking for people to play against.

I just bought the game last night, it’s fun because I can play with my arcade joystick.

username is muffledMarlin0 if anyone wants to play