Ultra 2 combos off of cl.HP

Got a chance to play around with SSF4 today, and I found that you can combo ultra 2 off of cl.HP by cancelling to teleport and immediately cancelling teleport to ultra. Damage is pretty good, I’ll have a vid up shortly. In theory this should work off of cr.HP as well since it has the same hitstun, though I didn’t get a chance to try.


Finally! An ultra that can be confirmed easily.

gayest ultra ever. For shame Capcom…

thought so…ty muken

Can you use Ultra anytime duriing the teleport?

Muken…thank you…I was tellin everybody in my area that this is possible…did you get to test it off of different normals?

if you still have access please try cMP/cMK…I know…it’s wishful thinking…but still…

Does the cl.HP -> Ultra combo work on Guy?

Thats what I am wondering. If so, that opens up alot of ideas.

why can’t you just go st.hp > U,U, 3KKK?

cool. teleport cancels

if you do that you’ll have to wait until the animation of the cl. hp is finished which won’t work. it works cause you can cancel U2 from a teleport. you’re using the teleport to cancel the animation of the cl. hp then cancelling that w/ U2.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to test anymore than that. We had it for 3-4 hours, 8 players, and people mostly wanted to play games. I only got in training mode for a few minutes.

I only tested against Claw. No idea if there’s any character specificity.

It looks alot like Fei Longs Ultra #1, without the rekkas, and with a little tornado art added to it.

Capcom really got lazy on most of the 2nd Ultras. Gouken, Sagat, and Dan all basically got the same Ultra as Ryu’s #1. Looks like they recycled quite a bit.

Okay. I was just asking because of Guy’s hitbox ducking under the cl.HP -> Tatsu.

In regards to the other normals, it only took me a few tries to get this down. I believe with more practice, the ultra can be gotten off quite a few frames faster, so I would not be surprised if you can combo it from various MP.

Jumping Hk > C. MP> Cl. HP XX Teleport XX U2.

RIP the ultra version of raging demon (at least for me)

I called c.lk, c.lp, c.mp xx teleport >> ultra weeks ago. They all laughed.

As I mentioned in the other thread, I think the damage difference between this and standard combos is pretty uninspired. Especially since you’re handing a bunch of meter over to your opponent.

From my limited play experience with the thing, I think it’s ability to be confirmed at any time from teleport is its true strength. For example, say somebody has you in a blockstring. It feels to me that its very doable to teleport forward, then hit U,U, and confirm they did a SPD or something similar before you finish the command and punish with ultra 2 in the back. As opposed to ultra 1, you would have to decide to reverse beforehand and probably waste your ultra and get punished yourself. Or say you’re in a mirror match getting vortexed and your opponent option selects a demon to beat your teleport. You can see him chasing your teleport, and interrupt it with your own ultra. For that matter, a lot of characters have to commit to stuff like that to punish your teleport, so just having ultra 2 ready will make your teleports completely safe against those characters.

Or, say you’re mid-range against Ryu. You predict a fb, so you teleport at him. If he did fb, you see it and punish with ultra. If he did not, then you’re still pretty safe since he has to take a risk to punish your teleport. As opposed to say trying to psychic the fb with a tatsu or a jump-in, which are totally unsafe for you if you guessed wrong.

Im still sticking to Ultra 1