ULTIMATE Tallahassee Thread: 20 more pages of crying about everything

Upcoming tournaments:

Jacksonville, Nov. 19

St. Petersburg, Nov. 26

Tallahassee, Dec. 10

Let me know if there are others, send me links and I’ll update. Until then: SKYRIM.

My name is Jerome and I can count to Potato!

Is Skyrim all that and a bag? Call me whatever but I am loving MW3. It’s seriously Modern Warfare 2: Arcade Edition!

crying post number one. I’m in Orlando and even if I locate an early copy if UMvC3, Sam still wants me to spend “time” with her


Best thread title EVER

GGs to Geoff, Jarv, and Mike G Last night. Man, 3rd strike is fun.

Also, Add my new XBL account : SureRyuCan

@Mike G: The data transfer cable WILL work for your xbox situation

someone update me on skyrim let me know if its worth anything

Chris how is the stick coming?

New thread means it’s time for a friendly repost of the tournament in Jax next weekend!

Updated first post, thanks Spektrum!

no…thank you!

It’s a hell of a lot better than Oblivion and the systems certainly work better than Morrowind’s (what games’ doesn’t). It’s obviously too early to tell exactly how much shit there is to get into, but so far it seems to have a great deal of satisfying content to play around with. The fact that combat isn’t a total chore helps a lot in this regard.

There’s still plenty of somewhat obnoxious grinding to level up some skills, but a lot of your main ones will actually level up at a decent rate just through normal use, and it’s a lot easier to find trainers to increase any other skills. The new skill trees are a lot more interesting than just getting your numbers up in a spreadsheet, too.

Everything here, except:

-I’ve ALWAYS liked the way Morrowind handled faster traveling: actual services to purchase instead of just selecting a warp.
-The menu system is better and worse all at once. Navigating menus is easier, but switching weapons during battle is a bit of a pain (console player here!).
-I’m only level 8, but combat so far still seems to be a lot of backpedaling and fireballs. Still fun, but kind of Oblivion-esque.
-You can put weapons in your left hand but they don’t work the same as if your’re right-handing them. Racist!

From what I’ve played, the game is definitely worth the price!

Pure melee works fine, in my experience. I’ve been mostly using Bows and Magic, so backpedaling is abig thing, but it’s easy enough to just stay in melee all the time and wail on a bitch. Switching weapons/magic is way easier than it was in previous games, especially given how many different items I keep hotkeyed. Never could have pulled it off in any other Elder Scrolls games.

Yeah, I just haven’t encountered a challenge that required much effort aside from just holding down fire or smash. Though…


I haven’t even killed the first dragon yet, so it probably gets somewhat difficult then.

Also: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/607/img0834m.jpg/

AHAHAHA. GG’s Capcom.

Talbain Ammy, Jean Grey, and fucking HOUSE OF M Magneto are the best ones.

Can’t wait to play Cablepool!

dat talbain

GMike: about a few more hours of labor and I can be done whenever you need it to be done, bud.

Mike G: Skies of Arcadia and ME, dog! I need to finish em. Got to give you back Tess’ calculator too.

Gonna wait til Skyrimm hits the 30ish price range before I jump on it.

Two 12 hour days = NEC here we go!

I gotcha on those, I’ll get them to you this weekend. Tess hit a part in Skies where she saved right before two ship battles that are back to back with no healing between them, so she’s pretty much screwed. As for Mass Effect, well, that game is buggy as fuck on 360.

Oh man, Cablepool is terribad. It’s the pinnacle of Rob Liefeld’s terrible designs. Random shit and pockets everywhere! The hell is with Arthur’s outfit, though? Is it just him in boxers all the time?