Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Assist wishlist!

Hey folks,

With UMVC3 on the way and and a whole shitload of new moves being added to the existing cast, plus having had enough time to see what’s useful and what isn’t in an assist what would you like to see? This can be changes to existing ones, new assists replacing old assists, etc. I’ll start with a few changes I would like:

Wolverine: Berserker Slash replaced with Swiss Cheese to give him some Chun-Li lock down potential in the assist department.

Deadpool: Trigger Happy :h: assist replaced with Trigger Happy :m: would be amazing and create an actual choice between his assists.

Magneato: Hyper Gravitation :l: replaced with Hyper Gravitation :m: just to give it slightly more range but I think :h: would probably be too much.

What about you guys?

I want Felicia sand splash to OTG.

Dormammu Flame Carpet instead of Purification.
Amaterasu Cold Star L instead of the counter. Alternatively, H Paper.
Chris H Grenade Toss instead of L.
Super Skrull air down+H instead of Stone Smite.
Phoenix air Salty Balls instead of the trap.

Can’t think of much more although it does bother me how some characters that are suprisingly good get stuck with assists that are decent at best…

Magneto Repulsah/whatever.

Tron projectile satellite assist from MvC2 to replace the boulder assist. -;)-
One of Amaterasu’s paper moves M/H to replace the counter.
Zero level 3 buster to replace Hadangeki -Quick charge then blast like when you throw someone with him. -;)-
Viper focus attack to replace burn kick. -trololololol-

On the real? Analyze cube, so I can power up Modok without him being on point!

Chris Flamethrower instead Combination Punch.
Sentinel Neutralize instead L Rocket Punch.
Super-Skrull L Tenderizer or M Meteor Smash instead Stone Smite.
Dormammu Flame Carpet instead Liberation.

Maybe something about Felicia and V. Joe.

Hsien-Ko: Anki Hou (ß) replaced with Edoga (her :f::h: diagonal claw fling). There. Now an AA.

Scrap the whole current assist system.
Bring back everything that made MvC2 assists good.
Give every character 1 or more good assists
Oh and make everyone good on point as well.

Wait, I just want a new game. I’ll just wait for Skullgirls.

Super-Skrull’s Tenderize :h: replaced with Tenderizer :m:. It works better as a Combo Extender than an Anti-Air.

Taskmaster’s Aim of Hawkeye :m: replaced with Shield Skills. It’s supposed to go longer in Ultimate, and I can only see his diagonal arrows useful on Certain Zoning Teams.

Viper’s Seismic Gunner :l: replaced with Seismic Gunner :h:. This is kinda personal, but I just think giving her a ranged assist would help her teammates greatly; especially if she’s teamed with Shellhead, Ryu, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if her Optic Blast is inserted as an assist, though.

Zero’s Shippuga :f::h: replaced with the Mega-Buster. I don’t think Shippuga works well as a Combo extender, and having an assist that leads to a hard knockdown will boost Zero’s usefulness.

It’d be harder to use Seismic Hammer as an OTG then.
And the shield skills thing is just canceling out of a dash and keeping your momentum, IIRC. You can do that in vanilla.

I would rather they give each character 4 assists rather than replace old ones. You have to be considerate of the people who actually rely on the obscure assists for their gameplay for unique combos and whatnot. For example, I have special magneto combos that depend on having shippuga assist. It seems kind of silly to just remove assists and replace them… but assists I would like to see

Sentinel: Neutralize Neutralize Neutralize/Forward Rocket punch

Magneto: heavy hypergrav like how spencer has that cool grapple asisst/repulsor thingy

Zero: Level 3 buster(this would be pretty difficult to balance tbh)

Doctor Doom: The normal finger lasers

Shuma gorath: mystic stare heavy version, mystic smash medium version

Dorammu: Flame carpet

Storm: A double forward lightning attack

C. Viper: Marlinpie seismic hammer barrage x20

There are definitely a lot more I can think of, but I dont feel like typing them :slight_smile: .

This would be so ridiculously overpowered that I’d spam the shit out of it just to win (cough Tron/Haggar cough). Cause y’know… winning means everything.

Chris’ boulder punch assist needs to be changed, that’s for sure. The grenade and machine gun assist work well enough for zoning and anti-rush down without being too over-the-top.

Hsien Ko… I dunno. Bong :h: would be nice. Something besides her projectile assist would help too.

Wesker definitely needs all three assist to be Samurai Edge, that way you don’t pick the wrong one on accident.

It does not go longer. You can just dash cancel it and keep the momentum.

You can do that in vanilla too.

Sentinel downward angled drones.

MODOK powered up shield.

Trish scythe.

Phoenix H shot.

Dormammu flame carpet.

Dormmamu Flame Carpet
Thor Mighty charge L
Arthur crossbow instead of Dagger toss
Wesker Cobra Strike instead of Ghost Butterfly
Chris’s Grenade Toss H instead of Grenade Toss L and Flamethrower instead of Combination Punch

-All dps have invincibility until grounded with little recovery. (hulk anti air would do the same)
-Nova with a Captain Corridor assist
-Have Haggar and Tron keep the way their assist was in vanilla (still upset you can stuff it. i mean at least for haggar thats like the only time he shines sniffle)

  • Have Sentinel Force (Charge) come out like MVC2 if not a little faster
    -Dorms assists come out faster (take away purification and have let him be able to gain creator and destruction levels or flame carpet)

i think i forced it.

[]Haggar: Double Lariat working like it did in vanilla
]Dr. Strange: Instead of two Light Magic assists, make one of them Eye of Agamotto and let it otg :x
[]Ghost Rider: Not sure if this is the case already, but make his pillar assist a fast otg
]Thor: Mighty Strike H changed to Mighty Strike L. Make Mighty Smash assist slightly faster.
[]Viewtiful Joe: Either Shocking Pink or Voomerang changed to Red Hot Kick M or H
]Chris: Combination Punch to Flamethrower, definitely
[]Crimson Viper: Seismic Hammer - instead of just light, make it track the opponent lol
]Dormammu: Make Purification much faster or change it to vanilla Flame Carpet. Turn Liberation to Dark Matter
[]Super Skrull: Make Stone Smite faster
]Captain America: Make Charging Star H
[*]Arthur: Speed up Fire Bottle and change Heavenly Slash to Scyth

Dormammu flame carpet would be so GODLIKE.

Along with Super-Skrull L tenderizer. I could imagine things it could set up.