Ultimate Magneto Combo Thread: It's my BnB, I Never Fuck It Up

I figured that almost new post on this character discussion is about how to do Fly Loop/ROM/Magnetic Blast loop, etc. so I figured it was time to compile all of the standard BnBs and break shit down for everyone. The old MVC3 Magneto Combo Thread is great but since there’s so many pages of stuff that does not work anymore, it is very hard to navigate through and find the information that you need. As a disclaimer, I will admit that my execution is not up to par as some of the more creative execution-heavy posters on this forum like Ika Zuchi No Kami, Anima922, and Alioune so I will need this thread to be a group effort! Also, I don’t think having the most optimal combo down is nearly as important as having a good neutral game and being able to hitconfirm off of every hit. That being said, I will go over the standard BnB’s for our favorite Mutant.

[LEFT]The first round of combos that I’m inputting are gonna be without Hyper Grav loop extensions since I want them all down in writing first before I add the second ender. Right now all of the damage listed is before meter is spent.[/LEFT]

Basic Combos:

Basic Fly Loop

[details=Spoiler] cr.:l::m::h::s: sj j:h: adf j.:h: xx:qcb::s: j.:l: j.:h:[adf j.:h:]x4
Meter Build:0.8
Notes: Everyone has seen this combo 1000x on stream and it gets alot of flack for relatively low damage, but that’s really not the true reason people should “graduate” from this combo. It’s really because :m:xxfly does not connect due to HSD if you try this combo after an air to air hit confirm such as j.:h:addf j.:l:st.:l::s:. If you want to go for a fly combo afterwards you will have to modify the combo to j.:h:adf j.:h:xxfly via delaying your super jump and hitting the lower part of the opponent’s hurtbox. At a higher level of play, you’re going to have to learn how to convert this into Hyper Grav loops. Also, if your opponent is dropping too fast, you can add a j.:m: to get them higher.


Basic Air Dash Loop

[details=Spoiler] cr.:l::m::h::s:sjuf j.:h:addf j.:h:[ land nj. j.:h:adf j.:m:j.:h:]x3 st.:h:xx:qcb::l:~ 390,000-420,000 Damage
**Use: **Anywhere
**Meter Build: **1.0
**Notes: **AKA the boring combo. However, it’s incredibly reliable and easily converts into Hyper Grav loop or Magnetic Tempest which makes it IMO, a better BnB than Fly Loop until you learn how to unfly. If you’re not comfortable with Hyper Grav loop, you can always just do st.:s: sj :m::m::h::s: afterwards.

Intermediate Combos:

Fly/Unfly Loop

[details=Spoiler] 1. cr.:l::m::h::s:sj j.:h:adf j.:h:xx:qcb::s:j.:l:j.:h:[adf j.:h:]x4[:qcb::s:pause j.:h:st.:h:] or [ addf j.:h::s:st.:h:]xx:qcb::l:~ 410,000-440,000 Damage
**Use: **Midscreen to Corner
Meter Build: 0.9
**Notes: **If you don’t pause after the unfly, you will get a Hyper Grav :h: which is easily punishable. Converts into 2-3x Hyper Grav loops.


[ Corner Air Dash Loop Variants ][/SIZE]

Corner Air Dash Loop

[details=Spoiler] 1. cr.:l::m::h::s:sj j.:h:pause addf j.:h:st.:h:pause st.:s:j.:h:slightly longer pause addf j.:h:xx:qcb::l:~ 460,000-480,000 Damage
2. cr. :l::m::h::s: sj j.:h: pause addf j.:h: st.:h: xx :qcb::l: st.:s: j.:h: slightly longer pause addf j.:h: xx:qcb::l: ~ 468,000-488,000 Damage
**Use: **Corner
**Meter Build: **0.8


Hyper Gravitation Loop

[details=Spoiler] cr.:l::m::h::s:xxsj j.:h:(pause) addf j.:h:st.:h:xx:qcb::l:[ (buffer super jump) sjub (or sjuf) > addf (or add) j.:h:st.:h:xx:qcb::l:]x5 ~ 570,000-580,000 Damage
Use: Corner
Meter Build: 1.5
Notes: You have to buffer the super jump as soon as Magneto’s body starts glowing from the Hyper Grav and you should airdash down as soon as you see the opponent’s body fly up. The most important note is **READ THE FORUMS **because this forum literally gets a question about how to do this combo everyday and every time it’s the same answer and no one likes repeating themselves. This is one of the pillars of Magneto combos since you can tack on 1-3 of these after basically every combo on this post that connects a Hyper Grav :l: in the corner.

[ Magnetic Blast Variants ][/SIZE]

Basic Magnetic Blast Loop

[details=Spoiler] cr.:l::m::h::s:xxsj j.:h:adf j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land, dash forward st.:s:j.:h:adf (pause)j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land, dash forward st.:s:j.:h:adf j.:h::s:~ 500,000-530,000 Damage
**Use: **Anywhere
**Meter Build: **0.8

The Anima922

[details=Spoiler] cr.:l::m::h::s:xxsj j.:h:adf xx:u::uf::f::l:(land) cr.:h::s:sjxx j.:h:adf:h:xx::u::uf::f::l:(land) nj j.:m::h:xx xx::u::uf::f::l:st.:h:xx:qcb::l:~~ 480,000-510,000 Damage
Use: Midscreen to Corner
Meter Build: 1.0
**Notes: **IMO, the most consistent Magnetic Blast loop. The only tricky part is the j:h: adf xx:u::uf::f::l: part since you’ll probably end up air dashing up alot while learning it, but soon it becomes second nature.

Corner Magnetic Blast Loop

[details=Spoiler] cr.:l::m::h::s:sjxx j.:h:adf (pause) j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land, st.:h:xx :qcb::l:st.:s:sjxx j.:h:adf (pause) j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land nj j:m::h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land, st.:h:xx:qcb::l:~ 530,000 Damage


Disabel Blast Loop

[details=Spoiler][SIZE=12px]cr.:l::m::h::s:sjxx j.:h:(pause) addf j.:h:land, njuf j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land st.:s:sjxx j.:h:(pause) addf j.:h:land,njuf j.:m::h:: xx:u::uf::f::l:land, st.:h:xx:qcb::l:~485,000-510,000 Damage
Use: Anywhere
Meter Build: 0.9
Notes: Go into st.:s: sjxx j.:m::m::h::s: outside of the corner after the final Magnetic Blast.
[media=youtube]mqnQ5O9O3XY[/media] [/details]

[ Extended Flight Loop Variants ]

The Fanatiq

[details=Spoiler]cr. :l::m::h::s: sj j.:h: pause addf j.:h: land sjuf j.:h: addf j.:h: dash cross over st.:s: sjxx j.:h:adf j.:h: xx :qcb::s::l::h:[adf:h:x3]:m::m::h::s:

The Japan

[details=Spoiler]cr.:l::m::h::s:sj j.:h:pause addf j.:h:land st.:s:sjxx j.:h:adf j.:h:xx:qcf::s::l::h:[adf:h:x3]:m::m::h::s:~ 470,000-480,000 Damage
**Use: **Anywhere
**Meter Build: **1.0
**Notes: **Since your first j.:h: hits the back of the opponents hitbox, you’re going to have to do a backwards fly motion since you will be on the other side of him. If you want to do the normal side fly. you can instead opt to jump straight up after the sj cancel, adf jH and pause slightly before you fly and still continue to combo.

The Tokido

[details=Spoiler]cr.:l::m::h::s:xxsj j.:h:adf j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land, dash forward st.:s:sjxx j:h:xx:qcb::s:j.:l::h:[adf:h:x3]:m::m::h::s:~ 470,000-500,000 Damage
**Use: **Anywhere
Meter Build: 1.1
**Notes: **Can add an tridash j:h:dash st.:l: after the blast for more damage. Also you can do the addf j.:h: j.:s: st.:s: xx :qcb: :l: ender instead of the :m::m::h::s: to convert to HG loop. Also can add another adf j:h: after the jump cancel j:h: using the same method as The Japan.


Advanced Combos:


[details=Spoiler]cr.:l::m::h::s:[sjuf j.:h:addf j.:h:land] x6-10 st.:h:xx:qcb::l:(MAX REPS) ~ 480,000-540,000 Damage
Use:[SIZE=12px] Anywhere
**Meter Build: **1.2-1.6

EMP Loop

[details=Spoiler]cr.:l::m::h::s:[xxsj j.:h:add j.:s:land, st.:s:]x7 j.:h:add j.:s:~ 630,000 Damage
**Use: **Corner
**Meter Build: **1.6

jS Hyper Grav Loop



Alchemist Hyper Grav Loop



[ Advanced Magnetic Blast Variants ]

Alioune Blast loop

[details=Spoiler]cr.:l::m::h::s:xxsj j.:h:adf (pause) j.:h:xx::u::uf::f::l:land njuf j.:h:(pause)xx:u::uf::f::l:land st.:s:sjxx j.:h:adf j.:h:(pause):u::uf::f::l:land j.:m:j:h::u::uf::f::l:land st.:s:sjxx j.:m::m::h::s:~ 580,000-600,000 Damage
Use: Fullscreen
Meter Build:
**Notes: **The third pause is a bit longer than the previous two and is where most people drop the combo. Also in the corner, after the third Magnetic Blast, you should st.:h: into Hyper Grav loop into your favorite ender.

ADDF H Blast Loop

[details=Spoiler]cr.:l::m::h::s:sjuf j.:h:adf j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land sjuf(buffered) addf j.:h:cr.:h::s:sjxx j.:h:adf j.:h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land nj j.:m::h:xx:u::uf::f::l:land st.:h:xx:qcb::l:~ 530,000-550,000 Damage
**Use: **Midscreen to Corner
**Meter Build: **1.0
Notes: You have to hit all the :h:'s really fast after the launcher. The sj buffer into addf is probably the toughest part. Idk why I call it the Quandizzle, he’s just the only pro player I see use it + now Yipes picked it up. Anima922 is the one who first made it IIRC.

Ika Blast Loop



RayRay MAX Damage Blast Loop



Anima922 Corner Magnetic Blast Loop


cr. :l::m::h::s: xxsj j.:h:adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) st.:h:xx:qcb::l:, njuf, adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) :s: xxsj j.:h:adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) st.:h:xx:qcb::l:, njuf, adf xx :u::uf::f::l: (land) st.:h::s:xxsj j.:h: xx add j.:s: (land) st.:h::s: sjxx j.:m::m::h::s: ~600,000
Use: Corner
Meter Build: 1.6

Joker Magnetic Blast Corner Loop


cr. :l::m::h::s: xxsj j.:h:addf j.:h:(land) sj j.:h:adf j.:h::u::uf::f::l: (land)st.:h: xx:qcb::l:st.:h::s:xxsj j.:h:addf j.:h:(land) sj j.:h:adf j.:h::u::uf::f::l:st.:h: xx:qcb::l:

Team Aerial Combos:


Assist-Combo Extensions:

Capcom side: (credits to Unknownant)

Assorted Combo Videos




the “anima” blast loop
:l: :m: :h::s:(sjc) j.:h: adf :l: magblast (land) cr.:h: :s: (sjc) :h: adf :h: :l: magblast
:h: :l: hypergrav: sj add :h: (land) :h: Hypergrav x2 :h: :s: j.:h: :l: disrupter xx Tempest or magic series
589k meterless… 780k with tempest ender
Builds 1.5~ bars

lol@ the thread title. RayRay is gonna crack over that shit xD

If I may say, that is an awesome looking Magneto for the front cover.

I’m simply posting here to say lol @ title

Marvel meme of the year.

Here’s the problem I’m having with the OP: I’m not sure whether to post the maximum damage of a combo with Hyper Grav loop + various enders or just leave it as is without the additional Hyper Grav loop damage + notations. Magneto’s too much of a “do whatever combo you want” character to write an easy aggregate combo post for lol

post BnBs in sections
"main combo part"
ender A
ender B

thats how I tried to do it in the Vergil forums really

Anima Blast loop
:l::m::h::s: sj.:h: adf 896:l: Cr.:h::s: sj.:h: adf :h:xx896:l:
ender 1 (midscreen) rejump :m::h:xx896:l: (land) :s: sj.:m::m::h::s: :rdp::l: xx :qcf::atk::atk: vaires, does about 545k meterless and 640k, Corner carries from anywhere on screen
Ender 2 (corner) (landing from magblast 2) :h:xx:qcb::l: (sj.:h: add :h:xx: :qcb::l: )x2 :h::s: sj.:h: xx :qcf::l: xx :qcb::atk::atk: builds 1.5 bars does 780k

Interesting, I’ll probably add the second enders after I’ve entered all the usual BnB’s fullscreen.

My bnb since day 1. starting with 1bar of meter

c.LMH, S, j.H, ADF, j.H, 896+L, tri jump H, cr.H, S, j.H, ADDF, j.H, normal jump, j.M, j.H, 896+L, st.H, HGrav L, [HGrav loop]x1, IAD, j.H, j.S, st.H, S, j.H, S

does 586,500k travels 70% of the stage. builds a little over 1.5 bars

**Enders **

j.S - 586k

J.S, ADDB, 896+L, Shockwave - 677k

After HGrav loop

Teampest - 770k

IAD, j.H, J.S, st.H, S, j.H, Disruptor, Tempest - 790k

Enders with Drones assist

IAD, j.H, J.S, st.H+Drones, S, j.H, j.S, Air Heavy HGrav, Tempest - 825k

IAD, j.H, J.S, st.H+Drones, S, j.H, j.S, ADD, Air Heavy HGrav, land, SJ, ADD, j.S, st.H, Disruptor, GravSqueeze - 1m

IAD, j.H, J.S, st.H+Drones, S, j.H, j.S, Air Heavy HGrav, land, st.H, S, j.S, GravSqueeze - 1m - After the last j.S make sure you ADD, j.S to touch the floor faster

this is my bnb and i never fuck it up (for real though, i’m not at my house)

the j:h: crosses up which is pretty sweet i think and adds more to the mix up;
j.:h: cr:l: cr:h: :s: j:h: adf j:h: 896:l: [land] sjuf j:h: adf j:h: 896:l: [land] j:m: j:h: 896 [land] cr:h: :s: j:m::m::h: j:s: Attraction xx :qcf::atk::atk:

does around 600k. going to add more of mine bnb’s when i recover from these beers.

for my midscreen I do the Tokido but after hte relaunch I do H adf H xx fly/reversefly > L H adf H etc.
~700ish with 1 meter depending on your ender, its brain dead easy, carrries ridiculously far, also gives you a chance to dash under to change sides to keep the corner.

for my corner I do
:s: sj:h: adf j:h: xx 896:l: land njuf:h: xx 896:l: land:h::s: sj:h: adf j:h: xx 896:l: land :h: xx 214:l: sjuf add:s: land :h::s: sj :m::m::h::s: :a1: (wesker) :h::s: sj:h: xx 236:l: xx 214:atk::atk:
does 830-870ish depending on starter. fairly easy to do, and you get to do some post air tempest mixups.
If I don’t have an OTG assist available I add in an extra hypergrav rep in there if I’m gonna end with meter rather than go for a heavy knockdown mixup.

What is ya’lls best conversion for midscreen Tatsu…
Vergil and missiles just doesn’t cut it for the way I wanna play

MvC3: Magneto: Questions (and Answers) Thread

Finally I got all of the combos in this thread except for ROM, The Quandizzle and The Fanatiq thank you guys I want to hug you guys lol took me alot of training now it’s time to work on hit comfirm and movement

So we’re posting BnBs now:

Lazy BnB:****

cr.LMHS, delay super jump, j.H adf j.H, backwards fly cancel, j.MH [adf H]x2 cancel unfly j.H, st.H xx L hypergrav, [super jump, addf H, st.H xx L hypergrav]x2, S, super jump MMHS, (Viper OTG assist) + L hypergrav cancel to Tempest, DHC into Sentinel.

I dont know how much damage this does, I think it’s over 900K

BnB I always drop outside of Training Mode:

Midscreen, starter into 3 reps of ROM into 3 reps of hypergrav loop, S, super jump MMHS, (Viper OTG assist) + L hypergrav cancel to Tempest, DHC into Sentinel.

Does close to a million

Corner BnB:

starter to 2 reps of Empire Loop, after the last launch j.H addf s.H, two reps of hypergrav loop**, **S, super jump MMHS, (Viper OTG assist) + L hypergrav cancel to Tempest, DHC into Sentinel.

Over a million. If the starter is from j.S or flight HS it’s over 1.1M

Where are the ROM combos? I got us:D


EDIT; Changing Magnetic Rom to Magnetic Cha Cha :rofl:

Does the Magnetic Blast actually count after the Shockwave in the third combo, or is it just making Mags drop faster?