Ultimate Gaming Spot Dedham MA

Hey all, I’ve finally put together my game center located at 529 Providence Highway in Dedham MA (located inside the METRO PCS store)

A 20-25 min ride from Forest Hills T Station on the 34E bus route. Reach the Dedham Mall and it’s about another 10 min walk. (I’ll have more info later as I don’t use the T much and am going by what visitors have told me)

This past Saturday was my official opening and till the end of October I’m allowing those who are interested in fighters to come check it out for FREE till the end of the month.

Currently I’m only able to have the location open on SATURDAYS ONLY from 6pm till 12 am. (Sorry my “real” job has it’s constraints) In the future I hope to make it more available on Sunday and hopefully everyday when able.

What I’m offering:

My full personal fighting library. If it’s a fighter I pretty much have it.

Usual suspects like SSF4 AE, MVC to obscure stuff (DOA 4 and Arcana Heart 3 have been approved)

I’m an old skool arcade head so yeah stuff like KOF98, 02UM, 3SO, etc . . . um yeah gotcha covered.

I’ve got 12 Xbox 360’s, 8 of which are connected for LAN play (I love my Gears 3 people!) which are running on 22’ ASUS EVO quality monitors (2ms I did my research, thanx SRK)

along with 2 PS3’s.



Need Pics?:

Need info? Call 857.247.4180 ask for me GREG aka Gill Hustle or my partner Jean Claude

See ya Saturday!


Okay, I’ve outlined the set ups for tomorrow as:

SSF4 AE on Xbox 360

MVC3 on Xbox

Tekken 6 on both PS3 and 360

Arcana Heart 3 for PS3

BlazBlue 360 this system can run Xbox Live Arcade titles (ALL SNK arcade KOF anyone!) and can run MK, SSF4 AE, MVC as a back up if needed. I don’t know too many BB players but am making the latest version available for play.

DOA4 360 (since people are interested in this again)

and Gears Of War 3 on two 360 set ups for link play for whatever gametypes. (more may be added depending how things go.)

Other fighters I have are VF5, Battle Fantasia, and MK. depending how things go I have DJ Hero 2 with dual turntables as well.

An offline center in Boston(or close to it)?? Is this real? I might swing through. Plus i’m a BB player so I might be the only one there :smiley:

We did have that running for a while but I didn’t make more of an effort to reach out to the MA Blaz community. (which I will rectify) in it’s place KOF98UM was well received and gives me hope for building a KOF XIII community :D.

Thanks to all that attended and I’d like to let everyone know that this weekend we will be open Saturday (6pm-12am) and Sunday (3pm-10pm) since just about everyone was for it.

I would have opened today but needed a little R&R plus this way I’m giving better advance notice. Hoping to build more rivalries this weekend!


Still no love for the Northshore.


I’ve been here a little over a year now, and this area seems too busy to be completely devoid of the same competition that shows up in Framingham, Boston, Dedham and Lowell. Anyone anywhere near Gloucester, Mass. should shoot me a message on here if they’re looking to get something started.

are there extra sticks for 360? I only have a ps3 stick

I have one at the store, but most people bring their own so you may be good.

Interesting. I’ve been looking for an event hub in the city, though dedham is still pretty far (that’s like…2 tolls away).

Might swing by sometime in november.

Okay gang looks like Saturday AND Sunday are a go this weekend!

As an added bonus I found some of these for 360 if you don’t have a preferred pad for 360:

While the hardcore prefer sticks, I didn’t wanna overlook pad players and let’s face it the 360 pad does not cut it. PS3 on the other hand, I hear no complaints.

Seems pretty baller. If you decide to throw a tournament, I will probably go and check it out!

Oh, the “other” Juri player! LOL sup Blue, yeah come check us out sometime!

Sigh New England weather >_<.

Anyhoo, thanks to those that came through, it was a small group but fun with SSF4 AE, VF5, and Scott Pilgrim 4 player co-op made it worth it.

Another reminder that we are open today (Sunday) 3pm-10pm so if you couldn’t make it yesterday, we’ll be here.

Anyone interested in games tonight? Gotta run by the shop later and since today is the last october thinking to open shop. Leave a post or call if interested.


The location is open now Friday, Saturday, Monday 6-12, and Sundays from 3-10. Pricing starting a $5 . Picked up UMVC3 and grabbing KOF XIII this week of course.


Youtube Channel:

Or just call: 857.247.4180

Time for a Tournament!:


I’ve decided that Saturdays shall have $5 all night fights from 8pm till close on all fighting stations (SSF4 AE, UMVC3, KOF XIIII, Tekken 6, etc).


For anyone unable to make it to NEC, remember tonight after 8pm is $5 All Nite Fight on all fighter stations (KOF XIII, SSF4AE, UMVC3, Tekeen 6, and Arcana Heart 3).

And yes I will have a laptop for the NEC stream.

Today (Friday) I’ll be open for business as usual 6pm-12pm , so if anybody wants to drop by and check things out/get some games in come through.

Saturday I’ll be closed cuz I’m heading out to GU for the tournament and Sunday don’t forget I’ll be doing one at UGS!